Festival of the Spoken Word centre stage at Ballygawley

WI Spoken Word prize winners
WI Spoken Word prize winners

The Women’s Institute of Northern Ireland Festival of Spoken Word was held on Saturday, October 14, in Ballygawley Presbyterian Church Hall, Co. Tyrone.

Mr Paul Coote, Clerk of Session, welcomed everyone to Ballygawley and handed over the proceedings to Carole Baird, Arts Sub-Committee Chairman.

The adjudicator was Geraldine McGivern M.Ed., L.N.E.A, who was impressed with the amazing talent of the W.I. ladies.

Ballygawley Church Caterers provided tea and scones with jam and fresh cream in the morning. Good hearty vegetable soup, wheaten bread and sandwiches were served at lunch-time, followed by tray bakes, tea and coffee.

Federation Chairman Elizabeth Warden presented the awards to the winners and Kay Campbell proposed a comprehensive vote of thanks on behalf of the Arts Sub-Committee.

All in all, a very entertaining day. The afternoon closed with the traditional singing of ‘A Countrywoman’s Song’.

The award winners were: as follows:

Class 1 Magherafelt Trophy - Prepared speech

1st - Nancy Orr, Armoy W.I.

2nd - Edwina Marr, Downpatrick W.I.

Class 2 Armoy Trophy - Sight Reading

1st - Ellen McKenna, Donaghmore W.I.

2nd - Edwina Marr, Downpatrick W.I.

Class 3 Lambeg Trophy - Poem by an Irish Poet

1st - Nancy Orr Armoy W.I.

2nd - Elizabeth Patterson, Kilrea W.I.

Class 4 Phillipine McCoy Trophy - Humorous Verse

1st - Pat Harrison, Richill W.I.

2nd - Anna Murphy, Kells & Connor W.I.

Class 5 Aileen Chapman Trophy - Poem written by W.I. Member

1st - Anna Murphy, Kells & Connor W.I.

2nd - Wilma Buick, Kells & Connor W.I.

Class 6 Downpatrick Trophy - Prepared prose

1st - Maud Steele, Kilrea W.I.

2nd - Patricia Gilchrist, Downpatrick W.I.