FFA plans major protest outside Belfast’s EU office

Farmers For Action UK NI are planning a major protest outside the EU Offices in Belfast on Monday, 24th August at 12 noon.

A spokesperson added: “This protest welcomes all farming families involved in producing beef, lamb, cereals, vegetables, milk, chicken and pork etc. On the day they should bring along landrovers/jeeps and trailers, tractors, etc.”

The Steering Committee of FFA said, in a statement, that the EU has to take much of the blame for the state of the industry over the past two decades.

The statement continued: “In short their policies have been increasingly moulded by the influence in Brussels of large corporate food retailers, large corporate food wholesalers and to a lesser extent large corporate food processors.

“This protest will highlight this intolerable high-level lobbying and furthermore will serve to hold the EU to account on financial safety nets promised to EU rural dwellers and not delivered.

“Tell your neighbours/friends and keep watching press and social media for further details in the run up to the protest. We need your help!” the statement concludes.