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As the shearing season approaches, Ulster Wool is hosting two meetings, encouraging wool producers to attend to find out more about the latest developments at Ulster Wool and within the wider wool industry.

The meetings will be held on the following dates:

Monday 21st May – 7pm at the Fir Trees Hotel, Dublin Road, Strabane, BT82 9EA

Tuesday 22nd May – 7pm at the Marine Hotel, North Street, Ballycastle, BT54 6BN

Joe Farren, CEO, Ulster Wool explains: “Brendan and I look forward to meeting producers at both meetings as the shearing season starts.

“We’ll be providing an update on current prices, the newly launched new entrant’s scheme, and various initiatives including a more proactive approach to promoting wool engaging and collaborating with manufacturers, retailers and consumers on the benefits of wool as a quality fibre. Raising awareness and the profile of wool as a high performing fibre helps to increase demand at our auctions which safeguards the long term future of the fibre, and Ulster Wool.

“We are currently working with manufacturing partners on developing wool rich products and a new licensee scheme – working with users of wool and product development will encourage more use of our fibre and increase demand which can only be good news for our producers.

“We’ll also be explaining more about our commitment to producer service, including a new intermediate depot being opened in Co. Tyrone.”

Joe and Brendan Kelly, Chairman, will both be in attendance to meet producers.

Refreshments will be available at the end of the meeting.

If anyone is interested in attending, please reserve a place by contacting 028 9446 2131 or email

The Ulster Wool Group Ltd, is based at 20 Tirgracey Road, Muckamore, Antrim.