Fine trade for all classes of cattle at Armoy

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A good turnout of 160 head, last Monday met with a fine trade for all classes of cattle.

A packed ring of buyers with many new customers meant that 100% clearance was achieved.

A small show of steers sold to a top of £1,100, more heifers were on offer with a great trade selling to a top of £1,170 with a 400kg B/B making £885, Fat cows were a great trade selling to £1,020 for 740kgs with a 570kgs cow heifer making £1,000.

STEERS: David Steele, Glenarm, Char, 350kgs £830, 400kgs £825. Kenneth Montgomery, Liscolman, B/B, 400kgs £840. Brian McCloskey, Loughguile, PAR, 380kgs £820, 400kgs £810. D McAlister, Cushendall, Char, 560kgs £1,100. M Steele, Glenarm, Lim, 380kgs £815, 400kgs £885. Hannah Morrison, Dervock, DAQ, 560kgs £980. Antrim Farmer, Lim, 365kgs £830. Thomas Tohill, Kilrea, DAQ, 600kgs £1,025, 405kgs £780. Hannah Morrison, Dervock, DAQ, 580kgs £1,040. Arthur Devlin, Ballycastle, Lim, 400kgs £800. E White, Ballymoney, Lim, 430kgs £800, 400kgs £780. G Mulvenna, Glenarm, Lim, 200kgs £450.

HEIFERS: Kenneth Montgomery, Liscolman, B/B, 400kgs £885, 390kgs £860. M Steel, Glenarm, Lim, 450kgs £900, 350kgs £740, 350kgs £730. Tom Tohill, Kilrea, DAQ, 580kgs £1,170, 460kgs £900, 630kgs £1,140. S McKenna, Maghera, Char, 430kgs £800. Sandy O’Neill, Glenarm, Saler, 580kgs £1,060. Rasharkin Farmer, Char, 350kgs £700, 320kgs £660, 310kgs £765, 250kgs £590, 270kgs £590. Arthur Devlin, Ballycastle, Char, 330kgs £710, 330kgs 3655, 310kgs £655. Sam Brown, Coleraine, BGA, 340kgs £650, 300kgs £680, 300kgs £590, 350kgs £680. Alister Getty, Bushmills, Lim, 350kgs £665. Campbell Balmer, Clough, Char, 250kgs £500. Seamus Steele, Glenarm, Lim, 400kgs £780. M Steele, Glenarm, Lim, 420kgs £840. Gerard Mulvenna, Glenarm, Lim, 240kgs £560, 265kgs £610. Tamlaght O’Crilly Farmer, Lim, 270kgs £510, 300kgs £565. Jim Blair, Limavady, Char, 200kgs £450, 250kgs £525, 280kgs £565. Richard McGinely, Finvoy, Lim, 550kgs £950. John McGowan, Ballycastle, Lim, 450kgs £805. J Christie, Ballymoney, DAQ, 500kgs £810.

FAT COWS: Kenneth Montgomery, Liscolman, Lim, 740kgs £1,020. Richard McGinley, Finvoy, DAQ, 570kgs £1,000, 660kgs £810. E & C White, Moyarget, Char, 740kgs £925, 500kgs £725. DS & D McKay, Martinstown, Friesian’s, 605kgs £660, 600kgs £530. Gerard Mulvenna, Feystown, Lim, 650kgs £785. Robt Morrison, Dervock, DAQ, 510kgs £625. H Armstrong, Coagh, H/F, 550kgs £720. Jas Stevenson, Armoy, Fres, 550kgs £600. Robt Millar, Broughshane, Fres, 550kgs 3650, 550kgs £565. John Dodds, Limavady, SHB, 660kgs £765, 660kgs £720.

Cows and Calves sold to £1,115, paid to Hugo Armstrong, Coagh for a Hereford cow with young bull calf at foot.

Sale every Wednesday at 7.00pm

Auctioneer: Daniel McAlister & Son