Firm trade for all stock on offer at Pomeroy

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Another great turnout of stock sold to a firm trade. Bullocks £815/390kg and heifers £800/380kg. More stock needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: Noel Graham £815/390kg, Martin Hayden £780/390kg, Gerard Munroe £775/410kg, £770/360kg, £730/340kg, Aubrey Hawkes £730/370kg, £720/260kg, £700/380kg, Noel Graham £695/270kg, Patrick Morris £695/340kg, John Hayden £670/380kg, Noel McVeigh £665/290kg, Aubrey Hawkes £650/350kg, £640/300KG, £600/350kg, Gerard Munroe £650/270kg, Patrick Tuohey £630/330kg, £610/300kg, £610/300kg, Ivan Eagleson £620/230kg, Martin Hayden £600/320kg, Noel McVeigh £590/300kg.

HEIFERS: John Wilson £800/380kg, £745/380KG, John Wilson £740/340kg, £700/340kg, Patrick Morris £685/340kg, Declan McNally £665/360kg, Noel Graham £660/360kg, £645/330kg, Declan McNally £645/360kg, Gerard Munroe £625/410kg, Noel McVeigh £625/320kg, £600/300kg, £595/260kg, £595/280kg, Ivan Eagleson £620/360kg.