Firm trade for cattle at Newtownstewart Mart

Newtownstewart Mart
Newtownstewart Mart

There may have been a smaller entry of cattle for sale at Newtownstewart mart but all those on offer sold firmly.

FAT COWS: R J Gallagher, Greencastle £175, 590kgs, £138/630kgs, J McConnell, Gortin £140/735kgs, £135/810kgs, £131/ 770kgs, £129/800kgs, Claudy farmer £127/640kgs, D Finlay, Castlederg £117/710kgs.

COWS WITH CALVES: Local farmer £1600, £1420, £1200 and £1110.

BULLOCK AND BULLS: G McFarland, Moyle £1,130/570kgs, W B Nethery, Drumquin £1,090/580kgs, £1,090/590kgs, £945/530kgs, J McKernaghan, Fintona £890/430kgs, £760/400kgs.

HEIFER PRICES: A McKelvey, Castlederg £930/480kgs, £890 and £875/490kgs, £825/450kgs, £820/430kgs, D Conway, Plumbridge £845/420kgs, £835/460kgs, £780/500kgs.

Fat Bulls sold up to £1170.

At the sheep sale, a full yard of lambs and fat ewes sold up to £80 per head and 358 pence for lambs and fat ewes up to £106.

SAMPLE PRICES: R McNamee £80/30kgs, R Pollock £79/26.5kgs, £77/23.5kgs, D Dunbar £76.50/25.8kgs, C Muldoon £76.50/25kgs, D McNamee £76.20/24.9kgs £76.20, W T Stronge £76/24.1kgs, V Shortt £76/25.8kgs, D McAskie £76/24.2kgs, T McNamee £75.50/23.6kgs, P McFarland £75.20/23.75kgs, K Condy £75/23.4kgs, Ronnie Scott £75/23.2kgs, K McNamee £75/22.5kgs, J Moore £73.50/20.5kgs, S Dennison £73.50/23.5kgs, J Glenn £72/2.75kgs, A Hamilton £71/22.5kgs, P McGurk £70/21.9kgs, D Kee £70/22.5kgs.

Other lambs sold from £60 up.

FAT EWES: S Rankin £106, S Robinson £84, J Glenn £83, R A McKelvey £90, £82 and £75, K McNamee £80, D Keatley £79 and £66, G McFarland £79; S Dennison £78, S Keatley £78 and £67, R Grant £77 and £65, K Condy £77, T P McNamee £75, P Doherty £73.