Firm trade for cattle sees prices at a new level at Markethill

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An entry of 700 store cattle, weanlings and sucklers at Markethill on Saturday 20th August sold in another very firm trade with prices at a definite new level over the last few weeks.

Buyers from all parts of Northern Ireland and export agents were in attendance.

The 310 bullocks included a good number of heavy bullocks which sold to £1360 each, paid three times for 670k (203). Several lots sold from £1200 to £1355 each. All good quality forward bullocks from £190 per 100k to £213 per 100k for 600kgs at £1275 for a Lisburn farmer.

Middleweight steers sold to £226 per 100k for 402kgs at £910 from a Keady farmer. All good quality lots from £200 per 100k to £221 per 100k.

Forward Friesian bullocks sold from £135 per 100k to £154 per 100k for 540k at £830. Top price £940 for 650k (144).

Middleweight Friesians from £135 per 100k to £151 per 100k for 470k at £710.

The 200 heifers included several pens of top quality heavy heifers, which sold in an outstanding demand to £228 per 100k for 578k at £1315 from a Newtownhamilton farmer.

Over 50 heifers sold in excess of £1000 each. Main demand from £200 per 100k to £218 per 100k. Good quality middleweights from £190 per 100k to £213 per 100k for 500k at £1065. Lightweights from £200 per 100k to £224 per 100k for 348k at £780. Second quality heifers sold steadily from £170 per 100k to £185 per 100k.

The 120 weanlings sold in a very firm trade. Good quality males from £200 per 100k to £252 per 100k for 290k at £730. Weanling heifers from £200 per 100k to £231 per 100k for 268k at £620.

The 75 lots of sucklers sold readily with good quality outfits to £1750, with a further 15 outfits from £1300 to £1720 each.

FORWARD BULLOCKS: Lisburn producer 600k, £1275, 213p/k: 592k, £1240, 210p/k: Tandragee producer 624k, £1285, 206p/k: Lisnadill producer 502k, £1030, 205p/k: Tandragee producer 550k, £1125, 205p/k: Rathfriland producer 604k, £1230, 204p/k: Tandragee producer 580k, £1180, 204p/k.

FORWARD FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: Tassagh producer 540k, £830, 154p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 526k, £790, 150p/k: Stewartstown producer 522k, £780, 149p/k: 504k, £735, 146p/k: 554k, £800, 145p/k: Tynan producer 652k, £940, 144p/k: Stewartstown producer 538k, £775, 144p/k; 574k, £825, 144p/k.

MIDDLEWEIGHT BULLOCKS: Belleeks producer 394k, £900, 229p/k; Keady producer 358k, £795, 222p/k; Keady producer 402k, £910, 226p/k; Belleeks producer 450k, £995, 221p/k; 452k, £990, 219p/k; Fivemiletown producer 416k, £900, 216p/k; Belleeks producer 456k, £985, 216p/k; 402k, £860, 213p/k; 466k, £995, 216p/k.

MIDDLEWEIGHT FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: Tassagh producer 470k, £710, 151p/k; Whitecross producer 462k, £680, 147p/k; Stewartstown producer 492k, £720, 146p/k; Richhill producer 490k, £715, 146p/k; Tassagh producer 470k, £685, 146p/k; Stewartstown producer 488k, £710, 145p/k; Tassagh producer 494k, £700, 142p/k; Gilford producer 494k, £700, 142p/k.

FORWARD HEIFERS: Newtownhamilton producer 578k, £1315, 228p/k; Cullyhanna producer 572k, £1245, 218p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 576k, £1235, 214p/k; Cullyhanna producer 586k, £1245, 212p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 622k, £1310, 211p/k; Tandragee producer 566k, £1185, 209p/k; Cullyhanna producer 526k, £1100, 209p/k; Tandragee producer 552k, £1140, 207p/k; Scarva producer 590k, £1215, 206p/k.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HEIFERS: Tynan producer 500k, £1065, 213p/k; Scarva producer 454k, £960, 211p/k; Annaghmore producer 480k, £990, 206p/k; Mowhan producer 402k, £815, 203p/k; Stewartstown producer 494k, £1000, 202p/k; Collone producer 482k, £960, 199p/k; Portadown producer 456k, £900, 197p/k.

LIGHTWEIGHT HEIFERS: Rathfriland producer 348k, £780, 224p/k; Milford producer 346k, £760, 210p/k; 348k, £760, 218p/k; Keady producer 332k, £690, 208p/k; Rathfriland producer 362k, £740, 205p/k; Milford producer 376k, £760, 202p/k; Gilford producer 374k, £755, 202p/k.

WEANLING MALES: Markethill producer 290k, £730, 252p/k; Cladymore producer 284k, £710, 250p/k; Dungannon producer 318k, £800, 252p/k; Cladymore producer 334k, £790, 237p/k; Benburb producer 304k, £700, 230p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 340k, £775, 228p/k; Aughnacloy producer 338k, £770, 228p/k.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Newtownhamilton producer 268k, £620, 231p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 238k, £545, 229p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 318k, £725, 228p/k; Cladymore producer 366k, £825, 225p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 362k, £790, 218p/k; Cladymore producer 378k, £820, 217p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 288k, £615, 214p/k.