Firmer trade for cull ewes at Markethill

An entry of 1540 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday sold in a slightly easier demand for hoggets and a noticeably firmer trade for cull ewes.

Heavy hoggets solds to 366p/kg for 24kg at £88 each. All good quality pens from 340p to 357p/kg. Several pens sold from £89 to £93.50 each. In all, 480 heavy hoggets averaged 26k at £88.60 each(339).

Middleweight hoggets sold to 378p/kg for 20k at £76 each, followed by 363p/kg for 23k at £83.50 each. Main demand from 345p to 360p/kg.

Stores sold to 395p/kg for 19k at £75.50 each.

HEAVY HOGGETS: Newtownhamilton producer: 24k £88 366p: Markethill producer: 25k £89.20 357p: Hamiltonsbawn producer: 24.9k £89 357p: Tandragee producer: 25k £89.50 357p: Loughgilly producer: 24k £87 357p: Newtownhamilton producer: 24k £85.50 356p: Markethill producer: 24.3k £85 349p: Richhill producer: 24k £84 349p: Armagh producer: 25.2k £88 349p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HOGGETS: Richhill producer: 20k £76 378p: Armagh producer: 23k £83.50 363p: Loughgall producer: 22.2k £80.20 361p: Portadown producer: 23k £83.50 361p: Tandragee producer: 22k £79 359p: Armagh producer: 21.5k £78 359p: Portadown producer: 22.5k £81 359p: Loughgilly producer: 23k £82.20 357p: Cladymore producer: 22.25k £79 355p:

The 210 cull ewes sold to 3123 each withal good pens from £90 to £117 each. Plainier ewes from £68 to £80 each.

A full house of ewes and lambs sold in a very firm demand. Doubles to £250 each. Main demand from £170 to £227. Singles to £205 with others from £160 to £200 each.