First community volunteer day at Jubilee Farm

Jonny giving a tour
Jonny giving a tour

Volunteers are being sought to help transform an overgrown walled garden in Co Antrim into a thriving horticultural and environmental centre that will supply fresh vegetables to the local community.

Jubilee Community Benefit Society in Larne is holding its first volunteer day at Jubilee Farm on Saturday, January 27th and it is the first of a series of volunteer events on the fourth Saturday of every month to prepare the ground for vegetable production later in the year.

Jonny Hanson of Jubilee Farm explained that the site had been a garden centre for the past 30 years and said: “We are hoping to have a horticulturalist starting in June so that we can begin growing vegetables. Hopefully by September Jubilee Farm subscribers will get a share of the produce.”

Jubilee Community Benefit Society, which is an inter-denominational Christian creation care organisation, was set up as a community co-operative last year with the help of Co-operative Alternatives through the Hive Project, a UK-wide support programme for co-ops and community businesses.

The co-operative will also run a ‘pop-up’ cafe from 1pm to 5 pm on the premises, which offers a range of fair trade hot drinks and snacks. Volunteer work begins at 2pm and they will be holding a short dedication service at 1pm.

More activities will happen at Jubilee Farm in the course of 2018. The farm’s goats and pigs are arriving in early February to also help clear the site.