First things first: Getting your priorities right in life

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Queen Elizabeth 1st once asked a merchant in her Court to go to Europe and deal with some urgent business on her behalf.

The courtier felt highly honoured to be invited to take on such a role but he informed the Queen that he was unable to help her at that time the reason being that his own business could not be neglected.

The Queen did not give up because in her judgment he was the only man that she could trust with this important matter and so she sent another message to the merchant that simply stated: “You look after my business and I will look after yours”.

That was a good reply and it illustrates the way we should live the Christian life.

The Lord Jesus, the one who is ‘King of Kings’ (REV 19:16) would say to every Christian, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you’ (Matt 6:33).

That is His way of saying, “You look after my business and I will look after yours”.

These are very difficult days in the farming industry especially for the dairy farmer with very low milk prices.

There are many financial worries and there is very little encouragement for the long hours of work that is put in every day. On the whole the future is bleak.

But here in this well know verse of Scripture is a principle to guide you through these uncertain times.

The Lord says be sure that your priorities in life are right. Give the things of God first place; make sure that you are saved and living for the Lord with all your heart. And if you do God will see to it that you have all that you will ever need (MATT 6:33).