Fleckvieh time again

Rumgo daughters
Rumgo daughters

SQ Fleckvieh Genetics are holding their annual sale on Friday 20th February at 12noon in Dungannon.

On offer will be 10 pedigree milking heifers and 10 F1 and F2 milking heifers.

There are five Wille daughters in the sale, also Rau, Rumgo and Walbrand daughters in the sale.

The top heifers are yielding over 35 litres per day with 20 heifers averaging over 30 litres per day.

The heifers are followed by 12 Austrian Genomic tested bulls with indexes to 130.

The bulls have been selected for their milk, fat and protein, with special attention being paid to udders.

The first bull in the ring is +929kg milk with good fat and protein and has the highest index in the sale of 130. Lot 25 is a very exciting GS Vogt son with +604kg milk with good fat and protein and 113 for feet and legs, 114 for udders and a calving index of 118.

Lot 28 by GS Inros is +768kg milk with an udder score of 128 the highest udder score in the sale.

His dam Wonne by Heron has several yields over 11,000kg.

Some of the dams and Gdams have yields up to 12,500kg with 4% protein.

As usual there are 10 Austrian heifer calves all by top sires including GS Vogt, Rumgo and Vanadin with dams to 5.6% fat and 4% protein.

There are10 homebred 
F1, F2 and F3 heifer calves by Symposium, Wille and Vabene from dams with yields of 10,000kg.