Fly grazing problem on the increase in Northern Ireland

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Every day in Northern Ireland landowners are waking up to find that horses and ponies have appeared overnight on their ground.

These equines have either been turned on to the land to graze illegally known as ‘fly grazing’ or have been dumped. The problem is escalating, with Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, based in Antrim, receiving calls daily about the problem as landowners have no one to turn to. The PSNI won’t help as the horses are not on the road. Animal welfare will not help unless the equines are in poor condition, and even then it is unlikely that they will respond to the plight of the animals or the land owners.

This week a farmer in North Antrim discovered three ponies in a field of silage on his farm. Tyre marks showed where a trailer had reversed into the field in the dead of night to off load the ponies. This farmer like many others has no one to turn to. Crosskennan are at bursting point and are in the midst of a financial crisis which is threatening the existence of the equine charity, the only one of its kind operating in Northern Ireland.

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