Flying trade at annual Lleyn sale

R Millen 1st Prize Shearling Ewes - £250.
R Millen 1st Prize Shearling Ewes - £250.

There was an absolutely flying trade at the annual Lleyn sale at Ballymena this year with very strong demand across the board.

This resulted in averages which were up on the year with shearling ewes £12 up and ewe lambs £15 up. 100% of the females found new homes and 20 out of the 23 rams were sold.

J & C Kennedy 2nd Prize Ram Top Price - 1050gns

J & C Kennedy 2nd Prize Ram Top Price - 1050gns

The shearling ewes saw the third prize pen from B & E Latimer, Trillick top the sale when selling for £275/head to D Neill, Downpatrick. The first prize pen from R Millen, Coleraine sold over the water for £250/head to D & C Steen, Moffat, Dumfriesshire.

C & A Kennedy, Ballyclare sold a pen of five for £242 to AF Cunningham, Hillsbrough. R Johnston, Portrush who was also in the prizes earlier on sold two pens at £205 and pens at £195 and £190/head. There were very few pens taken home for under £150.

The ewe lambs also saw the third prize pen top. This time from R Millen, Coleraine. The pen sold for £182/head to A McConville, Jerrettspass to join his Glenview Flock. The same buyer also took another pen from the same seller for £155/head.

The first prize pen from B & E Latimer, Trillick sold south of the border for £145/head when purchased by S Morrow, Lifford. The second prize pen from G Calwell, Ballymena sold for £142/head to W McKane, Strabane. Many pens of lambs sold over the £100 mark.

The top priced ram of the day was the second prize in the show when put forward by J & C Kennedy, Ballyclare. Mileview Hamish (01618/1802365) was bred by C & A Kennedy by a Lluest ram out of a homebred ewe. He will be travelling south of the border when purchased jointly by B Matthews and A McDonald both of Killeigh. Next B & E Latimer sold first prize Girgadis Harmony (01694/1803405) sired by Netherton Eddy. He sold for 900gns to D Orr, Downpatrick. CB Quigley, Strabane sold a shearling (02429/1801745) sired by Lane Farm Festus for 820gns to S Whitmore, Letterbreen. There was a mix of both breeders and commercial customers looking for rams.


Shearling Ewes to £275 av. £168 (+12)

Ewe Lambs to £182 av. £109 (+15)

Shearling Rams to 1050gns av. £529

Top prices

Shearling Ewes: B Latimer £275; R Millen £250; C & A Kennedy £242; RJ Johnston £205 (x2); RJ Johnston £195; RJ Johnston £190; C & A Kennedy £182; C & A; Kennedy £180; K Edwards £178; J & C Kennedy £178

Ewe Lambs: R Millen £182; R Millen £155; B Latimer £145; A Calwell £142; J Coulter £125