Flying trade for cattle at Pomeroy

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A good show of stock sold to a flying trade on Thursday. Bullocks £840/390kg, heifers £950/580kg. More stock needed to meet demand.


Trevor Daly £840/390kg, £830/370kg, Sam Hawkes £830/430kg, Eugene McBride £825/430kg, Pearse Rafferty £710/300kg, Trevor Daly £680/380kg, James Conroy £645/350kg, £635/320kg, £615/330kg, Trevor Conroy £570kg, £550/320kg, £510/340kg.


Gareth Sheridan £950/580kg, L Donnolly £930/470kg, £900/470kg, £850/470kg, £850/430kg, £800/440kg, S Harpur £800/380kg, £800/400kg, £790/390kg,T Donnolly £840/460kg, Eugene McBride £780/460kg, £770/380kg,£735/380kg, Brian O’Neill £750/520kg, James Conroy £725/330kg,£700/390kg, £700/380kg, Eugene McBride £720/360kg,£700/380kg, Sam Hawkes £720/400kg, Brian O’Neill £720/440kg, Pearse Rafferty £535/260kg.