Flying trade for stock at Pomeroy

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A great turnout of stock sold to a flying trade. Bullocks £1040/520kg and heifers £1140/440kg.

BULLOCKS: Michael Corrigan £1040/520kg, £945/540kg, £940/560kg, £940/560kg, £865/480kg, James Donaghy £850/460kg, M Rafferty £850kg, Michael Conway £840/360kg, P & M McGrory £830/410kg, Denis McVeigh £820/380kg, Michael Corrigan £815/460kg, £775/380kg, Mary Doaghy £805/370kg, £770/360kg, Eugene Hughes £790/340kg, Joseph Heagney £775/340kg, Ciaran Molloy £770/360kg, Michael Haughey £765/400KG, Denis McVeigh £760/340kg, £755/340kg, P & M McGorry £745/340kg, Michael Corrigan £745/360kg, Tony Hughes £740/330kg, Joseph Heagney £740/330kg, Gerard Lagan £740/350kg, Brendan Haughey £730/310kg, £725/330kg,Damien Strain £730/360kg, Gary Daly £725/290kg

HEIFERS: John Conlon £1140/440kg,George Rutledge £940/440kg, Shane Nugent £960, James Donaghy £910/460kg, £890/470kg, £880/44kg, £880/460kg, Teresa

Daly £910/450kg, Shane Nugent £900, McGurk Bros £870, William Moore £855/430kg, £845/440kg, Clice Rutledge £820/410kg, Michael Conway £820/350kg, C McLarren £800/400kg, William Moore £785/420kg, Michael Corrigan £785/420kg, C Mallon £770/370kg, £730/ 330kg, Pearse Rafferty £750/380kg, George Rutledge £735/400kg, £695/390kg,P Scott £685/250kg, Pearse Rafferty £675/320kg