Fodder is scarce so don’t put it into the slurry tank this year

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Poor weather conditions have wrecked havoc with the harvesting of this year’s forage crop.

The, or in extreme cases zero cutting, lodging and contamination of grass silage, maize, wholecrop and straw, has led to a wide variation in quality and yield across farms.

This variation combined with the early housing of stock, means that most farms are focused on forage stocks with many anticipating a shortage of forage. The need for preparation is essential. The time for preparation is now.

The starting point is to contact us at Agriking and we will measure your forage stocks and calculate your feeding requirements for the months ahead.

Efficient use of feedstocks is always important but never more so than now.At Agriking we provide practical nutrional advice based on the most up to date scientific research. Founded 50 years ago in the US, Northern Irish farmers can now benefit from this vast experience and resources which Agriking have to offer. Agriking is committed to the success and profitability of livestock producers worldwide. Renowned for its precise feed analysis, highly fortified products and knowledgeable staff, Agriking strives to help livestock producers get the most out of every kilo of feeding and each head of livestock. Agriking provides dairy producers with a personalised nutritional program that offers flexible solutions to improve herd profitability through better feed utilisation, improved fertility, higher herd health, increased milk production and longevity. This is all based on constant analysis of feedstuffs in our state of the art lab and providing highly fortified products that perform in precisely balanced rations to achieve optimum herd health and performance.

Our nutritional service incorporates on farm services which includes walking through the cows, condition scoring, rumen analysis, sampling all feeds used on farm, timely analysis of samples in our own state of the art lab, accurate ration balancing and free consultation with staff and Ph.D. nutritionists.

Agriking places great importance on feed efficiencies. This is essential to improve profitability, maximising return from feed and reducing a farm’s environmental impact. Practically all Agriking’s research is dedicated to improving feed efficiency. We have developed nutritional programmes and products, unique to Agriking, which greatly enhance and improve what happens between the mouth and the tail of the cow. This in conjunction with properly balanced rations will help to extend those low fodder stocks.

Remember every mouthful of feed a cow eats either goes into the milk tank or the slurry tank!

So, please call in and see us at the Winter Fair, on stand EK20 or contact us on 07776099278.