Follow the herd to NBA Beef Expo 2015

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A snapshot of technology and the benefits which can be derived from it, will be highlighted in a series of seminars taking place at the National Beef Association (NBA) Beef Expo on Thursday 21st May 2015.

Presenters will also be looking into their hi-tech crystal balls and predicting how new technology will bring about future developments within the beef industry.

Taking place at the York Auction Centre, this, the beef industry’s flagship spring event, will host three seminars designed to attract beef farmers and processors looking to create a sustainable enterprise for the future.

Sharing their knowledge and the most up to date information, the speakers are all experts from a range of sectors within the beef industry.

The aim is to help farmers and processors understand what technology is currently available, what will be available in the very near future, what will become available in the longer term and how this technology can work for farmers.

The three seminars are:

1. EID Benefits the Beef Industry

2. IA the Future of Grading

3. Remote Cattle Management – Advances in Cattle Management

Reflecting key changes in the sector at the moment, this year’s topics have been carefully chosen to provide beef farmers with a better understanding of how to utilise technology to better support their enterprise’s and highlight what the future holds for the industry.

Giving a flavour of the seminars’ content is Chair of the EID seminar and a committee member of NBA Beef Expo 2015, Mike Powley, who farms at Elm House Farm near York, said:

“Technology is much more useable and affordable now than it has been in the past, and we use it widely on the farm. However the majority of farmers are not aware of what technology can do for them, these seminars will demonstrate how technology can be integrated and how it can save time and money, and ultimately resolve problems.”

For example, ‘Heat Time Collars’ are able to spot when an animal is on heat. This gives farmers the opportunity to plan and choose a truly international bull to maximise the traits they are looking for, using AI as opposed to using your everyday stock bull on the farm.

As well as the three seminars, the NBA Beef Expo offers the opportunity to meet with breeders and learn more about the industry’s latest technical developments click on