Following in his father’s footsteps

TW Goodwhone
TW Goodwhone

Every dairy producer knows that to get the best results out of the herd, maintaining fertility is essential.

For this reason, bulls which transmit outstanding fertility and easy calving traits have an important place in the Cogent stud and one bull in particular has been singled out as doing an exceptional job.

TW Goodwhone is arguably one of the most complete bulls available on the market today. With a no-holes proof, combining great scores for fertility, calving ease and gestation length, Goodwhone ticks all the boxes for today’s profit focussed, dairy farmer.

In addition, Goodwhone’s commercial appeal also means he suits those markets that are looking for high levels of both fat and protein.

From one of the most superior outcross sires in the world, Mountfield S-S-I DCY Mogul, Goodwhone is closely following in his father’s footsteps providing daughters that are balanced individuals who look to have plenty of longevity in a range of management systems.

His maternal line is also impressive and should not be overlooked. His Dam Campogallo Gaia VG86 is one of the highest GTPI Active daughters in Europe and is rated as one of the best outcross cows in Europe today. She has been heavily contracted for selective matings due to her extreme fitness traits and diverse bloodlines she offers.

“Outcross sires are like gold-dust in the modern Holstein market especially one that can bring the full package of fertility, health, fat and protein to a variety of management systems,” says Ashley Fleming, Cogent’s Northern Ireland Regional Sales Manager.

“Goodwhone will be a useful addition to any producer’s breeding programme and the more we see daughters of his sire, Mogul - who look well-balanced individuals with scope for plenty of longevity - the more we rate his prospects. Mogul is forming into a unique sire of sons where many of his progeny have tested even better than expected. His progeny dominate the rankings for type, production and health figures and it is clear that Goodwhone is following in his father’s footsteps, with an eye catching genomic proof exceeding in all areas.”