Former NFU President says ‘Leave’ campaign taking “farmers for fools”

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Vote Leave have been strongly criticised for “taking farmers for fools” after claiming they could match current funding for farmers if Britain left the EU, despite warnings from economic experts that leaving would blow a £40 billion hole in the nation’s finances.

Former NFU President Peter Kendall said: “The leave campaigners are taking farmers for fools. The majority of experts agree that the damage to the economy from leaving the EU would far outweigh any claimed savings. Yet still the Leave campaign pledge to fund farming, the science community and local initiatives to the same level as now.

“Farmers are practical people and have to do basic sums on a daily basis; we know that the magical money tree doesn’t exist. Promising to spend the same money many times over when experts say it will be in short supply is simply being dishonest,” he added.