Former UFU president takes up Institute for Global Food Security role

Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall

Former president of the Ulster Farmer’s Union, Ian Marshall, has been appointed Business Development Manager at the Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast.

The new role was created following the recent announcement that the Institute for Global Food Security will participate in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food, a public-private partnership of 50 leading companies to tackle the global challenge of feeding the world’s growing population.

Having worked in the agrifood sector for a number of years, Mr Marshall brings a wealth of industry experience to the Institute.

Nigel Scollan, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security said: “We are delighted that Ian is joining the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s. This role has been developed as part of our strategic direction to strengthen engagement with the agrifood sector at a local level with AgriFood Quest and at a national and international level with EIT Food.”

Mr Marshall said: “The partnership with EIT Food provides an excellent opportunity for key players to come together to tackle the major food issues affecting the world, including cutting back on food waste and coming up with healthier options for society.

“Queen’s already works closely with agrifood businesses and I look forward to strengthening and developing further collaborations on a local, national and international scale.”