Four new members on CAFRE College Advisory Group

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The Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs has announced the appointment of four new members to the CAFRE College Advisory Group (CAG).

The role of the CAG is to provide advice at a strategic and operational level to the management team of CAFRE. The group was established in January 2007 and reports to the College Director, Martin McKendry. In carrying out its work, the group takes full account of Departmental policies and strategies.

Esther Skelly-Smith, Malcolm Emery, Nicholas Cowan and Roy Lyttle have been appointed for a three-year period.

The Permanent Secretary, Dr Denis McMahon, said: “I welcome the appointments of Dr Skelly-Smith, Mr Emery, Mr Cowan and Mr Lyttle. The Advisory Group plays an important role in helping CAFRE deliver excellent services to the farming and agri-food sectors and I’m sure that the wealth of experience brought by the new members will enable CAFRE to continue to be recognised as a world leader in agri-food education provision.”

Dr McMahon thanked the outgoing members, Claire Moore, John Chambers, Jason Podris and Teresa Canavan for their work on the College Advisory Group. He also recognised the important work that this group has done over the past number of years.

Dr Skelly-Smith will represent the Equine sector, Mr Emery will represent the International Relations Sector, Mr Cowan will represent the Environment in the Supply Chain Sector and Mr Lyttle will represent the Production Horticulture sector.