FREE semi-automated footbath system*

Bespoke semi-automated, stainless steel footbath available through Provita
Bespoke semi-automated, stainless steel footbath available through Provita

Footbathing can be an inconvenient job especially around silage making, harvesting and holiday times when farmers have reduced help.

Studies have shown that 93% of footbaths are used incorrectly. Also the handling of chemicals can be dangerous.

Provita are currently offering a bespoke semi-automated footbathing system.

The system can be tailored to the farm’s specific requirements and can be customised to the space available.

The footbath itself can be made of concrete or from 3.5mm chequered plate stainless steel, which by nature will last for many years. Both of these footbath options are sturdy, which means that cattle walking through it will be comfortable and therefore walk through it with ease.

The system includes a control box that delivers a pre-set amount of water through a modified water powered pump which will apply the Hoofsure to the footbath through an in-line water supply.

Hoofsure Endurance will always therefore be used at the correct dilution and the pump can be easy adjusted to release a percentage of the product between the dilution rates of 1% to 5%. This means the product can be adjusted to the level of the risk. The bath will always be filled to the right level.

Filling the bath to the right height with the correct dilution rate can be done with the press of a button.

Farmers who install the Provita system comment that as it’s easy to use its always done so it works better.

See for more information. *Terms and conditions apply. Call Tommy Armstrong on 07720101444 for information.