Friesian power from Cogent Breeding

Goonhilly Joseph
Goonhilly Joseph

With farm businesses striving to breed cattle that are suited to the environment and conditions that they find themselves in, the popularity of the British Friesian breed seems to be at an all time high.

Cows that are easy to manage are essential for efficient and profitable dairy production, and fertility is at the heart of that.

Farms looking for smaller, stronger cows that go back in calf easily, whilst consuming low amounts of purchased concentrates, should consider the advantages on offer in the Cogent British Friesian line-up.

Leading the line for Friesians at Cogent is undoubtedly proven sire, Kirkby PREMIER who is arguably the most complete Friesian sire on the market.

With high PLI (+£332), high Milk (+206kgs), high Fertility (+6.8) and exceptional Type Merit (1.91), PREMIER has been exceptionally popular with Friesian and Holstein breeders alike.

Ranking at the number 4 for PLI, PREMIER has been used as a sire of sons, with his impact on the breed set to last for many years to come.

On the Type front, PREMIER is nestled in at number two in the breed just behind Cogent’s other high profile proven sire Kirkby JUPITER, who ranks at the top of the rankings for Type (+2.52) and also sits as the number three PLI sire available (+£358).

“JUPITER’S daughters are performing well against their contemporaries and are pleasing farmers up and down the country with their impressive mammary systems,” comments Ashley Fleming, Regional Sales Manager for Cogent.

Since the introduction of genomic proofs for Friesian sires 12 months ago, Cogent is proud to have a wealth of quality amongst the rankings. Goonhilly JOSEPH has sat proudly at the top end of the rankings, holding steady again for the fourth proof run in a row.

He now sits only £2 in PLI (+£372) behind the current number one sire that is 12 months younger than him.

Joseph had a great evaluation run in August, seeing increases in Fertility (+4.2) and Type (+0.78) but also in his Fat percentage (+0.23% F) placing him at number one for Fat and Protein percentages.

“We are delighted to be able to offer customers in Northern Ireland the genetics that they need to take their businesses forward,” explains Ashley Fleming.

“Our British Friesian bulls are second to none and offer genuine added value.”