Full range of products from Teemore

The Teemore Engineering team looking forward to Balmoral 2015: l to r Nicky Johnston, Colin Wilson, Victor Wilson and Ray Foy
The Teemore Engineering team looking forward to Balmoral 2015: l to r Nicky Johnston, Colin Wilson, Victor Wilson and Ray Foy

Teemore Engineering will have a major presence at this year’s Balmoral Show.

The Co Fermanagh-based company manufactures and distributes a range of high quality products, designed to improve animal performance and comfort. But every farm is different. Sheds, pens and other farm facilities come in different shapes and have different dimensions.

“As a result, a one size fits all approach to fitting out a new livestock house does not meet the requirement of every customer,” confirmed Teemore’s Nicky Johnston.

He added: “In response we are now in a position to design, manufacture and install the specific equipment items that meet the exact specification of the house or shed to be fitted out. This is a customised service, which is already proving popular with our customers throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

“The range of equipment items included in this bespoke package includes feed barriers, pen dividing gates, drinkers and our extensive range of cattle handling facilities.”

Nicky Johnston went on to point out that there continues to be a growing demand for EasyFix slat rubber and the use of portable weigh bridges on farms here in Northern Ireland.

“We stock an expansive selection of both product options,” he stressed.

“Rubber will serve to dramatically improve animal comfort while it is in every farmers’ interest to know how his cattle are performing with the highest degree of accuracy.”

Meanwhile, the challenge of calf rearing has been made considerably easier for dairy farmers, throughout the UK and Ireland, courtesy of the Agri-Plastics calf hutch range, to which has been added a new, smaller specification – which will be more appropriate for farmers in Northern Ireland. Manufactured in Canada, the hutches are renowned internationally as the toughest of their kind on the market today.

“Both group and single calf options are available,” confirmed Nicky Johnston.

“What makes these hutches different is the quality of the plastic used in the manufacturing process. As a consequence, they have a 50% better impact strength, a longer life and being totally opaque, ensure high Ultra Violet protection at all times. In fact, the hutches come with a ten year guarantee.”

In essence, the Agri-Plastics hutches guarantee the perfect environment in which to rear young calves.

Nicky Johnston continued: “Each group hutch can cater for up to six calves. Innovative features include a unique roof-based variable ventilation system, plus operator access front and rear, to facilitate easy cleaning and feeding. The entrance at the rear is facilitated by a three-in-one door.

“The Agri-Plastics hutches give farmers total control over their calf rearing practises,” Nicky Johnston concluded.