Future proof your rural business!

Sheep Grazing at Broadgate in Devon
Sheep Grazing at Broadgate in Devon

Rural businesses in Northern Ireland are constantly faced with challenges.

Financial pressure, erratic weather and fluctuating global prices are driving the need for rural businesses to diversify and seek out sustainable income.

Solar power can greatly benefit rural businesses and Lightsource Renewable Energy, the UK’s No 1 Solar Energy Company, can revolutionise your business and retirement prospects without costing you a penny!

If you own more than 30 acres of land (including brownfield), installing a solar farm can bring in a guaranteed income of at least £400 per acre, per year for 25 years. Rental payments are indexed linked and rise annually with inflation. This guaranteed income can help sustain your rural business and form a valuable part of succession planning for future generations.

Farmers can benefit further by grazing small livestock like sheep, geese or chickens around the solar farm. A well-designed solar farm will maintain your stocking density and inevitably drive up your returns on capital invested per acre.

You are in safe hands with Lightsource!

Lightsource Renewable Energy has an unrivalled track record and has already secured planning permission for more than 90 acres in Northern Ireland - representing a considerable investment into the local economy.

Lightsource prides itself on being part of the rural community, working closely with businesses and landowners wishing to create sustainable income from solar power generation. Their unique relationship with Octopus Investments, the UK’s Leading Retail Fund Management Company, means that the company doesn’t have to go looking for funding – it’s already secured. This partnership has seen Lightsource deploy over £1.1 Billion of UK investment into solar installations, making Lightsource the largest operator of solar power installations in the country.

What makes an ideal solar farm site?

Lightsource will oversee the entire development process of your site from the planning application right through to the ongoing operation of the site for the full lifetime of the lease - completely free of charge.

Here are some of the things they look for in a site:

A minimum of 30 acres in size

Well-screened by existing trees or hedgerows

Not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Within 5km of a substation

Not in a flood risk area

Contact Lightsource today to find out if your site is suitable, on 02890 918694 or email harvest.ni@lightsource-re.co.uk