Game: a tasty and healthy alternative to lamb, chicken, beef or pork

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For the first time ever, 2015 saw the game meat market hit the £100 million sales barrier; up £8 million to £106 million.

A report co-ordinated by Mintel research showed not only a strong growth in venison sales in the UK, but increases across the board. While one in four UK residents has eaten game in the last six months, a further 41% say there are willing to try it in the future. The report concludes that the sales forecast will reach £143 million by 2020.

While still small in comparison to other meat markets, growth of over a third in the last five years will further strengthen the shooting industry in the UK. The growth is testament to continued promotion of game on TV by celebrity chefs, a growing ‘foodie culture’ of people who care about their meat and the tireless work of our ‘Game to Eat’ initiative.

Hopefully, many of you will have enjoyed a bountiful season and this has seen your freezer well stocked with a wide array of game to be enjoyed in the coming weeks.

Countryside Alliance’s ‘Game-to-Eat’ initiative is dedicated to promoting the delights of wild game meat. A dedicated website is host to lots of information about the different types of game, when they are in season and ideas for lots of exciting recipes.

Game is wild, natural and free range with a distinctive flavour making it a great alternative to beef, pork, lamb and chicken. And, as it’s low in cholesterol and high in protein game is one of the healthiest meats available today. For example, venison, with its brilliant taste and extra lean meat, is perfect for anyone on a low fat diet.

Gone are the days when pheasants and venison were kept for special dinner parties. Whether you’re cooking for a mid week supper, a dinner party or a quiet night in with some-one special, tap into the fantastic array of recipes available and impress! The choice is endless.

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