Genus ABS reveals new sires from December bull proof run

Topsy daughter
Topsy daughter

Genus ABS has announced the graduation of 27 new sires to their stud this December sire proof run, with two new proven graduates, 13 new genomic sires and 12 new sexed sires.

Speaking about Genus ABS’ success this proof run, Larissa Jones, dairy product manager, said: “I am delighted to welcome these new additions to the Genus ABS sire line-up.

MVP daughter

MVP daughter

“As a group, the graduates will deliver high levels of improvement for traits such as production, type, fat and protein percentages and overall they dominate in the PLI rankings. Our 13 new release genomic sires now average a huge £653 PLI and +2.4 type merit, with four weighing in at over £700 PLI.

“As always, our continued focus on health and fitness will also ensure that our new graduate sires will significantly reduce the incidence of health problems.”

Larissa continued: “With such varied genetics on offer I feel we have a solution for all farmers with different breeding goals. It is also pleasing to see that again we have delivered two new proven graduates, both who have been previous top selling genomic sires”.

Seagull Bay MVP – Mogul x Planet, offers £540 PLI and +2.82 type merit, alongside serious components and health trait improvement.

De-Su Topsy – Bookem x Watson, offers an exceptional combination of +2.1 type merit, +728 milk and 0.05% protein. They are strong, stylish animals with superb mammary making him the ideal sire for robot systems.

Alongside these fantastic proven sires, we also have a number of new genomic sires that are joining the Genus ABS line up, highlights include:

De-Su 13181 Quantum – Supershot x Mogul, is ranked as the number four sire in the global PLI rankings. He is the only sire in the world to offer £753 PLI, +2.6 Type and +899 kgs milk. Quantum has an excellent linear, with superb mammary traits at +2.49 and will also add teat length to progeny +1.25.

ABS Mayday – Tailor X Balisto, who comes straight from the heart of the Genus ABS female programme and has an extremely unique pedigree with £729 PLI. He is now one of the top 10 sires in the global PLI rankings and offers +522 kg milk, 0.14% fat and 0.09% Protein.

Netherside Equinox – Silver X Massey, is one of the only bulls in the world to offer over £600 PLI, more than + 3.3 type merit, -29 SCC and +3 fertility index, making him an extremely unique and attractive sire.

Netherside Quattro – Octavian X Massey, is an excellent sire for providing both positive health traits and profitability. Quattro offers £635 PLI in addition to very attractive health traits of -30 SCC, +0.6 lifespan and an impressive +9.1 fertility index.

In the British Friesian proofs, Catlane Chad, is the number one PLI sire with a very impressive all round proof, based on 105 daughters in 46 herds. He has a PLI of £519 with outstanding +261kgs of milk and, +0.15% F, +0.11% Pr. Daughters are taller than average, with excellent legs and feet and very good udders.

For further details of this offer or to order a new updated brochure, please contact the Genus ABS office on 02838334426.