Genus genomic sires graduate

Seagull-bay Silver daughter
Seagull-bay Silver daughter

In a fantastic August proof run two leading genomic sires in the Genus ABS line-up graduated with UK proofs, in addition to the launch of a wide selection of new and exciting sires.

Kyle Henry, NI Dairy Product Specialist, commented: “It has been so encouraging to see some of our previous genomics graduate to our proven stud, giving farmers even greater confidence in the company’s breeding program.”

Relough Danumero's dam, Relough Legend Danna

Relough Danumero's dam, Relough Legend Danna

The two graduates are:

Seagull-Bay Silver – Mogul x Snowman x Planet has a PLI of £514 and is one of Genus ABS’ most popular genomic sires. He descends from the fantastic Missy family and has great production figures +780kg, positive components +0.07% fat and +0.02% protein, sky high type(+ 2.89). Daughters will be tall and stylish, giving a real chance to breed that special one!

Relough Danumero – Uno x Legend x Goldwyn with a PLI of £509 - another great addition to the line-up. He is another sire bred from the Danna family at Relough, from a strong maternal line tracing back to the great EX95 Dante cow. He will breed fantastic type (+2.55)”. They are balanced cows who have great locomotion +2.09. He is also an extreme cell count improver -24 with high Fat % at +0.29.

Kyle continued: “It was a particularly special proof run for the McClean family of ‘Relough Holsteins’ from Donaghmore, Co Tyrone, with two of their bulls added to our new sire directory.”

The highlights from the current line up include:

ABS Achiever – Yoder x Alta Embassey x Robust, who is our first Icon sire. He now scores £743 PLI & has an amazing 71.9kgs of solids with exceptional fat deviations & a Lifespan score of +0.6.

ABS Mayday – Tailor x Balisto x Ostyle, remains one of our flagship bulls, scoring £733. He combines solid production with over 60kgs fat and protein with huge deviations +0.17 fat and +0.11 protein.

ABS Mixer – Trenton x Balisto x Ostyle, who scores £713 for PLI with outstanding type (+2.00) & great components with exceptional lifespan (+0.6).

ABS Lateral – Abel x Latimer x Robust has a PLI of £709, with superior fertility (+9.7) calving ease (+0.8). He has great production figures carrying +803kgs of milk with over 60kgs of combined fat & protein.

And the new genomic graduates are:

K&L BO Darwin – Board x Balisto x Delta G Force with a PLI of £717 has a different sire stack and a balanced production proof with over 50kg fat and protein, positive components +0.11% fat and +0.12% protein. He has breed leading SCC at -35 and extreme lifespan (+0.6).

De-Su Hartley – Hangtime x Supersire x Man O Man has a PLI of £704. He breeds superior production +977kgs, over 70kgs of fat and protein with solid SCC -15 and great lifespan (+0.6).

Relough Directive – Penmanship x Barney x Shamrock The first of our Relough bulls bred from the great Danna family. He is an early Penmanship son with a PLI of £653. He will breed farmer friendly cows, balanced production +371kg milk with positive components +0.15 fat and +0.08 protein. He improves chest width and has fantastic daughter fertility (+11.1)

Peartree Bryster – Chad x Hylke x Chatsworth is the number 1 Genomic Friesan bull with a PLI of £374. He is an exciting Chad son with +290kg milk positive components +0.07% fat and 0.07% protein. He will breed black well fleshed heifers with extreme calving ease (+1.5)”

For further information on Genus ABS sires contact your Genus ABS representative or phone the office on 028 3833 4426