Get mower work done with Quad-X

Tthe new Strimit tow behind strimmer
Tthe new Strimit tow behind strimmer

Co Antrim based manufacturer Quad-X offer the widest range of ATV mowers, also suitable for use behind an ATV or 4x4.

The range includes models suitable for lawn cutting, topping and shredding dense vegetation.

The newest model in their mower range has been developed to tackle overgrown areas that would traditionally be tidied up using a strimmer.

Working closely with customers, Quad-X set out to develop a machine that could take the back ache out of keeping these awkward areas tidy.

This new invention has been developed for use under fences and electric fencers, under solar panels, along laneways and verges and around trees.

Designed to fit on any ATV this novel machine allows the user to keep at a safe distance from any debris and clippings, getting the job done from the seat of their ATV.

The Strimit deck can pivot at the centre of the frame allowing greater access to hard to reach areas while a protection bar protects the deck.

It runs on 15x6x6 wheels. The cutting diameter is easily adjusted as is the cutting height and drawbar height to allow use with different towing vehicles.

The special cord has serrations along its length for impressive cutting.

The Strimit is fitted with a 7.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine and easily detachable panels for maintenance.

Quad-X’s ATV Wildcut Rotary Mowers and Flail Mowers are ideal for topping grass and weeds such as docks, thistles and nettles in areas where tractor access may be difficult.

Grass should be kept at 5-7cm throughout the growing season since some animals tend to be fussy and not eat grass any longer than about 15cms.

Topping also promotes growth at root level and helps encourage new leaf growth and increases sward density, which reduces the opportunity for weeds to grow, protecting your pastures from the effects of hoof damage in winter.

If grass is allowed to grow too long it will simply fall over, matt together and rot allowing no light to the soil which will dramatically reduce the following year’s growth.

The extreme-duty Wildcut Mower and innovative Power Shredder Mowers are the most capable ATV mowers available and are ideal even if you have heavy 5ft rushes, bracken or heather to cut.

The Quad-X ATV Power Shredder has been designed to shred heavy rushes and other dense vegetation.

Considerable investment has been made in the rotor design which rotates at a higher RPM ensuring momentum and faster travel speed.

The Power Shredder chops the grass and other weeds very finely into a mulch-like material and spreads them more evenly.

If you have a large lawn to cut, the Quad-X compact rotary mower is ideal. Fitted with twin blades it gives a tidy finish.

The deck has been specially designed to make it more manoeuvrable.

With the outside corner positioned further back than on a square deck, you can drive closer to trees before having to turn out.

Offset wheels allow the ATV mower to get around obstacles, such as shrubs and flower beds more easily. With one wheel set further forward on one side than the other, a tighter turning circle means less strimming has to be done around objects.

With over 100+ ATV attachments made by the firm in Ballymena, Co Antrim if you have a quad they are sure to have something on offer to make your jobs around the farm, yard or garden easier.

To find out more about the Quad-X range, request a brochure or DVD please call from the Republic of Ireland 048 2587 2800, from Northern Ireland 028 2587 2800, or visit where you can browse the range and view video footage of the machines.

You can also follow Quad-X on twitter and facebook by searching for quadxmachinery