Give silage the best chance with Blaney SwathAir

The Blaney Swath Air
The Blaney Swath Air

With the weather so unpredictable, silage season can be a stressful one.

Blaney Agri in Co Antrim manufacture the SwathAir to address the problem of drying grass for better quality silage in short windows of good weather.

The theory behind the SwathAir machine is that it is better to make the silage higher rather than wider meaning if it rains there is less surface area exposed, going back to the theory of the hay stack.  The Blaney SwathAir is developed to maximise air induction and to turn swards, to dry the damp grass underneath. 

An innovative “flick-out” TM rotor creates an optimized sward structure for air circulation. This is the only machine on the market that can offer an extra sward conditioning process to crack up the ligaments in the stalks and assist in further removal of the grass’ water retaining waxy coating.

Results have shown 75% less effluent comes from wilted grass using the SwathAir than direct cut silage. 

Baled silage where the Blaney SwathAir has been used on the sward should result in 28% dry matter (DM) compared to 19% DM for untreated grass.

Blaney’s Sward Rebuilding Technology TM ensures that round bales are packed fuller for a better shape.  This will result in up to 30% less bales and greatly reduce unnecessary wrapping costs per hectare.  So in simple terms, you will get better quality silage in less time, and better, more compact bales.

The company have been posting some exciting videos of the SwathAir in action on their BlaneyAgri facebook page, youtube channel and website

The SwathAir is available in 2.2m and 2.5m pick up widths, with the ability to work with up to 30ft swards. 

For more information on the Blaney Agri product range, to request a brochure or DVD call Blaney Agri, on 028 2587 2801 or visit