Good entry of sheep at Raphoe

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There was a good entry of sheep at Raphoe Mart on Monday 5th August with a great trade for all sheep on offer.

Lambs sold at:

€65 to €80 for 30-36 kgs

€78 to €84 for 36-40 kgs

€84 to €90 for 40-43 kgs

€90 to €98 for 43-47 kgs

€98 to €105 for 47-52 kgs

Breeding hoggets sold from €150 to €190.

Fat ewes sold from €70 to €144.

There was a good entry of cattle at Raphoe Mart on Thursday 8th August. Good demand for quality in-spec cattle with abundant grass farmers are anxious to purchase these. Plainer cattle much more difficult to sell - these making from €1.50 to €1.90 per kilo.

The quality in-spec cattle are making from €2.10/kg to €2.40/kg.

Fat cows remain a good steady trade selling up to €1420 for a 770 kg cow.

Breeding Sheep Sales will commence on Wednesday night, 14th August 2019 and will be held fortnightly until further notice.

Intake from 5.30 pm and sale at 7pm.

Hogget Show and Sale will be held on Wednesday night, 28th August 2019.

Sheep Sale every Monday at 11 am.

Cattle Sale every Thursday at 11 am.