Good entry of stock at Lisnaskea

A good entry this week again sold readily with quality stock a very strong demand

Leading prices:

STORE HEIFERS: Newtownbutler Producer 500kg Ch. to £962, 460kg AA. to £778, 440kg Daq. to £722 and 390kg Lim. to £548. Brookeborough Producer 650kg Ch. to £910, 560kg Lim. to £815, and 500kg AA. to £760. Lisnaskea Producer 480kg Lim. to £902. Maguiresbridge Producer 500kg Ch. to £826 and 410kg Ch. to £735.

COWS & CALVES: Augher Producer £1205 for Heifer & Heifer Calf.

WEANLING BULLS: Lisnaskea Producer 520kg Ch. to £885, 390kg Ch. to £840 and 470kg Ch. to £820. Magheraveely Producer 430kg Ch. to £830. Newtownbutler Producer 440kg Ch. to £805. Bellanaleck Producer 400kg Lim. to £765, 290kg Lim. to £728, 360kg Lim. to £718, 330kg Lim. to £700 and 340kg Lim. to £640. Lisbellaw Producer 300kg Ch. to £685. Lisnaskea Producer 320kg Ch. to £662. Newtownbutler Producer 280kg Ch. to £626, 300kg Ch. to £618, 280kg Ch. to £600, 240kg Ch. to £596, and 260kg Ch. to £552. Newtownbutler Producer 300kg Daq. to £625, 330kg Lim. to £580, 290kg Lim. to £570, and 280kg Ch. to £562. Knockaraven Producer 330kg Sim. to £625. Derrylin Producer 320kg Lim. to £562, 240kg Lim. to £462 twice.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Magheraveely Producer 420kg Ch. to £788. Lisnaskea Producer 370kg Ch. to £680, 420kg Ch. to £650 and 380kg Chars to £650 twice. Brookeborough Producer 330kg Ch. to £660. Newtownbutler Producer 320kg Ch. to £668 and 220kg Ch. to £635.Cornafanogue Producer 340kg Ch. to £660. Newtownbutler Producer 290kg Ch. to £620. Lisnaskea Producer 360kg Ch. to £610 and 310kg Ch. to £512. Newtownbutler Producer 310kg Ch. to £592. Corranny Producer 300kg Ch. to £580 and 290kg Ch. to £490. Derrylin Producer 360kg Her. to £575, 290kg AA. to £530, 340kg AA. to £515 and 330kg Her. to £472 twice.

More quality stock required to supply a strong demand.