Good entry of weanling calves at Rathfriland

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A good entry for the second week of December saw weanling calves sell to 264p/k for a Lim heifer 164k at £440 and 198k male at £500 or 252.5p/k, both lots from Carginagh, Kilkeel.

A top for weanlings of £625 for 282k was recorded for a 7 month old animal. Store heifers sold to £975 for a 570k Angus from Drumarkin. Bullocks sold to £900 for a Moybrick farmer. Fat cows to £855 for 742k. Dropped calves cleared up to £345 for a Ch bull calf from Dundrum. Saler heifer calves sold to £325 for a Sheepbridge farmer.

DROPPED CALVES: Dundrum farmer: Ch bull at £345. Sheepbridge farmer: Saler heifers £325, £242 and £240. Derrylecka farmer: £290, £165 and £160. Dromara farmer: BB heifer £235. Hillsborough farmer: £175. Corbet farmer: £220 and £200. Katesbridge farmer: £195 and £190. Hillsborough farmer: £185, £180 and £175.

WEANLINGS: Carginagh farmer: 282k at £625, 206k at £545, 254k at £540, 198k at £500, 242k at £535, 164k at £440. Tullyniskey farmer: 326k at £605, 324k at £540. Dromore farmer: 232k at £470. Lisburn farmer: 298k at £375. Newtownhamilton farmer: 222k at £360. Castlewellan farmer: 208k at £430.

HEIFERS: Drumarkin farmer: 574k at £975, 628k at £880, 550k at £850, 534k at £800, 474k at £780. Begney farmer: 502k at £865, 444k at £710. Ballynanny farmer: 544k at £850. Loughbrickland farmer: 460k at £620 and 368k at £550.

FAT COWS: Drumaness farmer: 650k at £705. Seapatrick farmer: 742k at £855. Whitecross farmer: 400k at £550. Ballynahinch farmer: 560k at £440.

BULLOCKS: Moybrick farmer: 628k at £900, 550k at £845. AFBI farmer: 140k at £325, 130k at £250, 129k at £240 (twice). Dromore farmer: 326k at £600 and 320k at £520. Dromore farmer: 232k at £470 (twice).

A great entry of sheep on Tuesday evening saw probably the best stock of all year. Pen after pen of heavy lambs sold consistently to £75.50 for farmers from Ballynahinch, Downpatrick and Dromara. The top 10 lots sold from £74 to £75.50 demonstrating the consistency of trade. Fat ewes to £100 for a Dromara farmer who sold a second lot at £97.

LAMBS: Dromara farmer: 27k at £75.50. Ballynahinch farmer: 27.5k at £75.50. Hamiltonsbawn farmer: 29k at £75. Ballynoerd farmer: 29k at £75 and 28k at £74.50. Ballycollander farmer: 26k at £74.50. Ballywillwill farmer: 26k at £74.50. Drummaquoile farmer: 25.5k at £74.50. Ryans farmer: 27k at £74.50. Drumlough farmer: 23k at £70. Poyntzpass farmer: 20.5k at £63.50. Ballyward farmer: 20.5k at £63. Annalong farmer: 23.5k at £71.50.

FAT EWES: Dromara farmer: £100, £97 and £91. Blackscull farmer: £85. Ardglass farmer: £76. Corbally farmer: £74.