Good quality beef bred cows selling to £1165 at Markethill

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 160 cull cows on Tuesday, September 10 sold in a steady demand.

Good quality beef bred cows sold from £130-£161 per 100kgs for 648k at £1045 and up to £1165 for 730k (158p/k).

Fleshed Friesian cows sold from £100-£110 for 630k at £695.

Second quality Friesians from £80-£95 per 100kgs and poorer types from £60-£75 per 100kgs.

160 calves sold in a steady demand with bulls from £220 to £340 for a five week old Aberdeen Angus.

Heifer calves sold from £180 to £305 for a four week old Limousin.


Lisnadill farmer 648k £1045 161p/k: Warrenpoint farmer 736k £1165 158o/k: Ballinderry farmer 704k £1075 153p/k: Lisnadill farmer 666k £1015 152p/k: Tandragee farmer 686k £995 145p/k: Armagh farmer 802k £1125 140p/k: Eglish farmer 602k £825 137p/k and Stoneyford farmer 652k £880 135p/k.


Corkley farmer 632k £695 110p/k: Katesbridge farmer 680k £725 107p/k: Armagh farmer 674k £715 106p/k: Corley farmer 686k £725 106p/k: Donaghcloney farmer 606k £635 105p/k: Kilkeel farmer 632k £655 104p/k: Ballynahinch farmer 634k £645 102p/k and Dromara farmer 700k £705 101p/k.


AA £340: Lim £250: Lim £240: Lim £240: Lim £240: Lim £240 and Lim £225.


Lim £305: Ch £270: Lim £240: Lim £225: Lim £205: Lim £190 and Lim £190.