Good sale of cattle on offer at Enniskillen

The sales ring at the  Ulster Farmers'  Mart,  Enniskillen, was packed to capacity this week for the dispersal of the Lisgoole Abbey suckler herd.
The sales ring at the Ulster Farmers' Mart, Enniskillen, was packed to capacity this week for the dispersal of the Lisgoole Abbey suckler herd.

A well supplied sale with 900 cattle on offer in Enniskillen.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 200- 242ppk for a 342kg CH at £830.

Medium weights sold from 190 – 230ppk for a 476kg CH at £1095. Heavier lots selling from 170-196p/kg for a Lim 582kg at £1140 and up to £1250 per head.

BULLOCKS: Garvary producer 342kg at 830 Ch = 242p, 368kg at 845 Lim =230p, 344kg at 800 Ch= 233p, 392kg at 890 Ch =227p, 392kg at 880 Ch = 224p. Macken producer 476kg at 1095 CH = 230p. Kesh producer 422kg at 955 CH = 226p 676kg at 1240 Ch. Irvinestown producer 418kg at 960 CH = 230p. Aghalane producer 684kg at 1250 CH. Dungannon producer 692kg at 1255 CH. Dungannon producer 718kg at 1180 CH

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £550 to £945 paid for a 440kg CH while heifers ranged from £500 to £840 for a 469kg CH.

Ruling prices: Irvinestown producer 369kg CH Hfr at 840, 414kg Lim steer at 850, 365kg Lim steer at740. Lisnaskea producer 377kg CH hfr at 790, 271kg Lim hfr at 625, 290kg CH hfr at 700, 288kg Ch hfr at700, 333kg CH Hfr at780, 346kg CH hfr at 820. Kesh producer 336kg CH bull at 700, 216kg CH bull at 580, 243 CH hfr at 635, 274kg Lim hfr at 555, 198kg Lim hfr at 505, 400CH steer at 835, 317kg CH steer at 715, 255kg Ch steer at 685. Letterbreen producer 338kg SIM hfr at 680, 318kg CH steer at 770, 390 Ch steer at 900, 335 Ch steer at 750. Castlederg producer 206 CH hfr at 520, 436kg LIM bull at 870, 320 Lim bull at 680. Kinawley producer 385kg CH steer at 820, 334kg Ch steer at 720. Newtownbutler producer 335kg CH hfr at 710, 318kg CH hfr at 690, 219kg CH Hfr at 520. Garrison producer 374kg Ch bull at 755, 236kg Ch bull at535, 271kg Ch bull at 695. Augher producer 364kg Ch bull at 835, 353kg Ch bull at 800, 377kg Lim bull at 820. 361kg Ch bull at 800, 375kg Ch bull at 825, 368kg Ch bull at 835. Fivemiletown producer 273kg Ch bull at 720, 254kg Ch bull at 650, 245kg Ch bull at 655, 315kg Ch steer at 700, 355kg Ch steer at 850, 292kg sim bull at 590, 288kg Ch hfr at 655. Lisnaskea producer 280kg ch hfr at 620, 352kg Ch hfr at 835, 314kg Lim bull at 700 288kg Lim bull at 700, 269kg Ch bull at 690. Enniskillen producer 291kg Lim hfr at 850, 480kg Lim steer at 900, 258kg Lim steer at 660, 273kg Ch hfr at 640, 358kg Ch hfr at 850. Derrylin producer 301kg Lim steer at 680, 306kg Lim steer at 700, 256kg Ch hfr at 600, 294kg Ch bull at 720.

CALVES: Calves two months old: Derrygonnelly producer Lim bull at 475. Blaney producer Lim bull at 455. Kesh producer Ch hfr at 430.

Calves two weeks old: Tempo producer AA bull at 340. Monea producer BB bull at 340. Tempo producer Lim bull at 330. Tempo producer BB bull at 300. Tamlaght producer BB bull at 290. Tempo producer SIM bull at 290. Tempo producer BB bull at 295. Kesh producer CH hfr at 310. Derrygonnelly producer LIM hfr at 262. Derrygonnelly producer AA hfr at 260. Derrygonnelly producer DAQ hfr at 250. Tempo producer SIM hfr at 235.

SUCKLER COWS: Enniskillen producer SIM hfr with hfr calf at 1700. Clogher producer Lim cow with hfr calf at 1430. Clogher producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1400. Clogher producer LIM cow bull calf at 1400. Dromore producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1320. Kesh producer CH cow with bull calf at 1250. Trillick producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1220. HEIFERS: Forward lots sold to 196p/k paid for a 570kg CH at £1120. Medium weights from 182-210p/k for a 510kg CH at £1070. Light weights sold from 185-220p/k for a 300kg CH at £660. Enniskillen producer 570kg at 1120 CH. Enniskillen producer 550kg at 1055 CH. Lisnaskea producer 620kg at 1160 CH. Lisnaskea producer 620kg at 1135 CH. Lisnaskea producer 580kg at 1125 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 480kg at 955 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 490kg at 940 CH. Coa Producer 549kg at 1060 CH. Coa producer 518kg at 1010 CH. Tempo producer 510kg at 1000 CH.