Good show of quality cattle at Plumbridge

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A good show of quality cattle this week with a top price of £1080 for a 460 kg bullock going to R. McConnell.

Sample prices for bullocks: John P McBride 390 kg /£1000, 390kg/£995, 380kg/£985, 360kg/£965, 360 kg/£940, 400kg/£950. R. McConnell 460kg/£1080, 420kg/£860, J. McConnell 320kg/£910, 390kg/£930, 380kg/£930, 340kg/£865. J. F. Devine 300kg/£835, P. McKenna 460kg/£935, 410kg/£855, A. McAleer 340kg/£905, N. McIlwaine 390kg/£905, G. Deeny 420kg/£950, R. Gilchrist 360kg/£850, 400kg/£780, 340kg/£740, 300kg/£710, Mal McCullagh 350kg/£930, 340kg/£870.

Heifers: F. Mc Aleer 310kg/£800, 300kg/£660, 300kg/£610, L. Finlay 280kg/£695, 250kg/£555, D. O’Brien 430kg/£790, 320kg/£720, 330kg/£730, 300kg/£705, J. McConnell 370kg/£885, 360kg/£820, 390kg/£830, R. McConnell 350kg/£890, 380kg/£900, 320kg/£750, E. Lindsay 320kg/£750, 280kg/£680, O. McAleer 350kg/£835, J.J. McAleer 340kg/£795, 360kg/£765, 400kg/£780, A. Gibson 340kg/£810, 330kg/£730, 330kg/£655, S. Crossan 330kg/£700, 300kg/£660, 270kg/£605, K. Houston 410kg/£840, 460kg/£770, 380kg/£735.

Sheep: Fat Hoggets sold to £97-S. Bradley. In lamb Hoggets £123 to M. McGurk £112, £109, and £109 to M. O’Neill.