Good steady demand for cattle at Clogher

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Another good steady demand reported in all sections for an entry of 1106 cattle at Clogher Mart.

This weeks Highlights include Cow heifers selling to £1165-80 and £201 per 100kg Beef Cows sold to £1241 and £197 per 100kg Friesian Cows sold to £142 per 100kg Fat Bulls sold to £1647 and £139 per 100kg O/A Steers to £181 per 100kg for an 840kg AA. U/A Steers to £197 for a 700kg Ch. U/A Heifers to £218 for a 500kg AA. Store Bullocks sold to £1350 for a 650kg Lim.£207per 100kg Store Heifers to £1420 for a 650kg Ch. £218 per 100kg Weanling Steers/Bulls to £1080 for a 560kg B/B. and £252 per 100kg 410kg Ch. to £1035. Weanling Heifers to £910 for a 500kg Ch. and £219 for a 370kg Ch. to £810. Dairy Cows to £1760 three times Suckler outfits to £1900. Bull Calves to £490 for a Ch. and Heifer Calves to £475 for a Ch.


Pomeroy Producer 580kg Sim. To £201. Ballygawley Producer 630kg Lim. To £197 and 730kg Lim. To £176 Dungannon Producer 530kg Lim. To £189. Blaney Producer 650kg Ch. to £188. Augher Producer 640kg Sim. To £188 and 640kg Sim. To £180. Carryduff Producer 570kg Ch. to £188 and 600kg Ch. to £170. Drumahoe Producer 550kg Daq. To £186. Pomeroy Producer 540kg Daq to £186. F.M.T Producer 620kg Lim. To £184. Killylea Producer 570kg AA. to £178. And 580kg AA. to £170. Killylea Producer 670kg B/B. to £177. Dungannon Producer 590kg AA. to £175. Pomeroy Producer 660kg Ch. to £167, 640kg Lim. To £164, and 560kg Lim. To £164. Dungannon Producer 430kg Sal. To £166.Cookstown Producer 710kg Lim. To £164 and 590kg Lim. To £162.

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £160 per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from 114 to £132 per 100kg

Well fleshed Friesian Cows sold from £132 to £142 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £86 to £111 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £58 to £82 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 800kg Daq. To £139. 1220kg Ch. to £135. 900kg Lim. To £134. 1020kg Ch. to £131. 1170kg AA. to £130. 940kg Sim. To £130. 1160kg Ch. to £127. 1020kg Ch. to £126. 970kg AA. to £119. 1060kg Ch. to £110. 930kg Fkv. To £109. 1020kg Ch. to £100.

FAT STEERS (overage): 840kg AA, to £181. 730kg Lim. To £178. 670kg Ch. to £175. 560kg Sim. To £173. 640kg Fr. To £170. 550kg Fkv. To £168. 470kg S/H. to £148. 500kg B/B. to £144. 850kg Fr. To £117. 670kg Fkv. To £108.

FAT STEERS (underage): 700kg Ch. to £197. 560kg Sim. To £195. 590kg B/B. to £191. 540kg AA. to £190. 490kg AA. to £190. 460kg Lim. To £187. 590kg Ch. to £181. 570kg Ch. to £181. 600kg Ch. to £181. 510kg AA. to £177. 480kg Her. To £168. 460kg S/H. to £157. 620kg Fkv. TO £146. 570KG fkv. To £146.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 500kg AA. to £218. 630kg B/B. to £214. 460kg AA. to £194. 520kg Ch. to £189. 430kg Lim. To £179. 540kg AA. to £178. 550kg AA. to £177. 540kg Lim. To £173. 490kg AA. to £171. 450kg AA. to £168. 490kg Lim. To £167. 540kg AA. to £167. 490kg Her. To £160. 650kg Hol. to £150. 510kg Fr. To £139.


The strong demand continues in this section with forward lots selling to £1350 for a 650kg Lim. (£207 £1335 for 650kg Lim. (£205), £12880 for 640kg Sim. £1215 for 630kg for 630kg Ch. and £1195 for 610kg Ch. for J Jordan Dungannon. P E Quinn Pomeroy sold a 680kg Lim. To £1345700kg Ch. to £1300, and 640kg Lim. To £1245. Roy Hall Fivemiletown 690kg Lim. To £1390. C O Neill Moy 710kg Lim. To £1305680kg Sim. To £1280, 680kg B/B. to £1265 and 680kg Ch. to £1200. M B McPhillips Omagh 630kg Lim. To £1280. R A Elliott Dungannon 570kg Ch. to £1265. G W Allen Portadown 640kg Lim. To £1260, 630kg Lim. To £1235, 620kg Sim. To £1195, 590kg Lim. To £1195, and 580kg Lim. To £1180.


R A Elliott Dungannon 500kg Ch. to £1085, 490kg Ch. to £1000, and 480kg Ch. to £975. J Lavery Aghalee 500kg Lim. To £1055. H Duggan Galbally 490kg Ch. to £1045, 490kg AA. to £1005, and 450kg Ch. to £970. D Alexander Strabane 480kg Ch. to £1000 and 440kg Ch. to £960. H McAnespie Aughnacloy 440kg Ch. to £990 and 450kg Lim. To £935. B O Rourke Dungannon 480kg Lim. To £980. M & N O Conner Augher 470kg AA. to £975, 430kg Lim. To £950, and 410kg AA. to £945. J McGinn Clogher 440kg Lim. To £965 and 460kg AA. to £940. R Robinson Banbridge 470kg S/H. to £960. Streamville Farm Lisburn 460kg Lim. To £960. A & M Daly Dungannon 420kg Lim. To £935.


A very keen demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1420 for a 650kg Ch (£218) from I A Elliott Blaney J J Sharkey Fivemiletown 630kg Ch. to £1230. P E Quinn Pomeroy 620kg Ch. to £1190, 630kg Ch. to £1150, 600kg Sim. To £1135, 610kg Lim. To £1130, 570kg Lim. To £1130, and 580kg Lim. To £1120. Nigel Irwin Dungannon 580kg Lim. To £1180, 610kg Ch. to £1160, 50kg Lim. To £1120, and 580kg Ch. to £1100. J Lavery Aghalee 610kg Sal. To £1175, 620kg Lim. To £1150, 590kg Lim. To £1140, and 570kg Lim. To £1110. M B McPhillips Omagh 560kg Lim. To £1105. P J B Doyle Cabragh 550kg Lim. To £1105. B Maguire Newtownbutler 560kg Lim. To £1100.


P J B Doyle Cabragh 490kg Lim. To £1000. Nigel Irwin Dungannon 480kg Ch. to £940 and 490kg Ch. to £920. M/S C&W Gallagher Tempo 470kg Ch. to £940. F H Owens Ballygawley 470kg Lim. To £925 and 450kg AA. to £850. P F Breen Trillick 450kg Ch. to £915 and 440kg Ch. to £805. P Donaghy Galbally 420kg Ch. to £875. Wm. Rankin Castlederg 460kg Ch. to £850. J J Sharkey Fivemiletown 460kg Ch. to £830. S Kelly Loughgall 450kg AA. to £830 and 470kg AA. to £765. P Loughran Galbally 420kg Daq. To £815. A Green Tempo 410kg Lim. To £800.


J Lavery Aghalane 390kg Lim. To £800 and 370kg Lim. To £700. F H Owens Ballygawley 380kg Lim. To £795. S Kelly Loughgall 390kg Daq. To £780. P Donaghy Galbally 400kg Lim. To £770 and 380kg Lim. To £755. A Green Tempo 360kg Lim. To £660. E A Lindsay Florencecourt 330kg Shb. To £625.


A seasonal sold to a steady demand with Steers & Bulls selling to £1080 for a 560kg B/B. and 500kg Ch. to £1070 for E McCaughey Fintona. D J Primrose Fivemiletown 410kg Ch. to £1035 and 420kg Lim. To £985. M Hackett Augher 450kg Ch. to £990 and 400kg Lim. To £870. G Goodwin Cabra 390kg Lim. To £980, 380kg Lim. To £970, and 400kg Lim. To £925. A Mc Ivor Dungannon 330kg Ch. to £965, 350kg Ch. to £950, and 330kg Ch. to £865. B McWilliams Seskinore 450kg Lim. To £960. P McBrien Lisnaskea 440kg Ch. to £950 and 440kg Sim. To £880. Brian McCullagh Greencastle 340kg Ch. to £910, 300kg Lim. To £830 and 330kg Ch. to £820. W Bingham Downpatrick 300kg Ch. to £825.

WEANLING HEIFERS: E McCaughey Fintona 500kg Ch. to £910. G Curran Brookeborough 370kg Ch. to £810 and 390kg Ch. to £800. M Hackett Augher 350kg Ch. to £770. Brian McCullagh Greencastle 300kg Ch. to £700, 280kg Ch. to £625, and 260kg Lim. To £560. J Gallagher Newtownstewart 320kg Ch. to £700. T & E O Hagan Eskra 290kg Lim. To £685 and 270kg Lim. To £570. K G Maze Lisburn 290kg Lim. To £680, 320kg Lim. To £600, and 290kg Lim. To £600. Wm. Bingham Downpatrick 300kg Ch. to £650, 250kg Ch. to £630, and 330kg Ch. to £595. J & D M Greenaway Portadown 290kg Lim. To £590, and 310kg Lim. To £550. Omagh Producer 270kg Lim. To £570.


A good selection this week sold to a brisk demand with Calved Heifers selling to £1760 to G H Graham Kinawley Wm. Loughrin Caledon £1760 and £1680. H Morrison Brookeborough £1760. R Givan Dungannon £1650. J I McFarland Omagh £1580. T Dillon Beragh £1410 for Sbr. And £1340 for Ayr. Springing Heifers sold to £1290 and £1120 for S & J McGinley Eskra. Back Springers sold from £700 to £970.


A much larger entry this week sold to a top of £1900 for a Heifer & Bull Calf from John McKenna Dungannon Anthony Beggan Rosslea £1690 for 2010 Cow & Bull Calf. George Straghan Keady £1650 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf. Local Producer £1380 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf, £1330 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf, £1255 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf, and £1250 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf. K Holmes Portadown £1360 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf. Harold Erskine Ballygawley £1355 for 2013 Cow & Bull Calf. K McManus Mackin £1300 for 2009 Cow & Bull Calf. Several other outfits sold from £880 to £1230.


A larger entry this week sold easily to a strong demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £490 for Ch. £455 for Lim. For a Dungannon Producer P J McMenamin Drumquin £440 for Her. P E & CO McQuaid Trillick £365 for Ch. I Little Lisbellaw £350 for Ch. E Brennan Kinawley £325 for Lim. J Courtney Maguiresbridge £325 for Lim. J J Cashel Trillick £275 for Lim. P Rodgers Tempo £260 for B/B. W McCreery Lisbellaw £250 for AA.

HEIFERS: Dungannon Producer £475 for Ch. and £470 for Lim. Walter Hogg Fivemiletown £400 for Lim. C McDonnell Cooneen £360 and £340 for Chars. Leslie Andrews Tempo £300 for B/B. S J Kelly Dungannon £280 for AA.

REARED BULLS: Wm. Bingham Downpatrick £670 for Ch. Dungannon Producer £635 for Ch. J Cassidy Kinawley £625 twice and £580 for Limms and £600 for Ch. D McKenna Fintona £605 for Lim. Ballygawley Producer £580 for Ch. and £540 and £535 for AAs. A McManus Kinawley £550 for Ch. Clogher Producer £535 and £490 for Limms and £490 and £470 for Chars. M Wylie Aughnacloy £460 for Sim.

REARED HEIFERS: Aughnacloy Producer £530, £510, £470 twice, £450 for Limms and £475, £440 and £430 for Chars. J Cassidy Kinawley £510 and £500 for Limms. P Doyle Trillick 410 for B/B. and £375 and £370 for Simms. M Wylie Aughnacloy £390 twice for Simms. F Kelly Ballygawley £390 for Her. P O Neill Castlederg £385 twice for B/Bs. Dungannon Producer £370 for Her.