Good summer entry of 639 cattle at Enniskillen

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A good summer entry of 639 cattle sold well in all six sale rings.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 190-210ppk for a 324kg AA at 680.

Medium weights sold from 180 – 203ppk for a 403kg Lim at 1005.

Heavy lots selling from 170-202p/kg for a 592kg Lim at £1200 and up to £1300 per head for a 688kg Ch.

BULLOCKS: Enniskillen producer 434kg at 860 Ch, Enniskillen producer 414kg at 850 Lim, Enniskillen producer 434kg at 825 Her, Enniskillen producer 664kg at 1275 Lim, Derrygonnelly producer 688kg at 1300 Ch, Derrygonnelly producer 684kg at 1140 Ch, Derrygonnelly producers 654kg at 1275 Ch, Derrygonnelly producer 610kg at 1150 Ch, Ederney producer 654kg at 1275 Ch, Springfield producer 528kg at 1005 Lim, Springfield producer 402kg at 800 Lim, Springfield producer 644kg at 1100, Letterbreen producer 388kg at 790 Ch, Letterbreen producer 412kg at 835 Ch, Letterbreen producer 402kg at 820 Daq, Garrison producer 386kg at 800 BB, Garrison producer 422kg at 840 Ch, Garrison producer 419kg at 830 Ch, Trillick producer 640kg at 1250 Lim, Trillick producer 584kg at 1150 Lim, Trillick producer 592kg at 1200 Lim.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £905 paid for a 384kg Ch, while heifers ranged from £500 to £880 for a 360kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Lisnaskea producer 259kg Lim bull at 795, 357kg Lim bull at 760, 378kg Ch steer at 815, 328kg Lim hfr at 625. Derrylin producer 380kg AA hfr at 750, 378kg Lim hfr at 790, 367kg Lim hfr at 825, Enniskillen producer 334kg Ch bull at 735, 472kg Ch steer at 930, 381kg Lim steer at 775, 370kg Lim hfr at 665, 362kg Ch steer at 810. Ederney producer 453kg Ch bull at 860, 282kg Lim bull at 740, 299kg Ch hfr at 645, Kesh producer 293kg Ch hfr at 660, 321kg Ch hfr at 630, 320kg Ch bull at 640, Ballinamallard producer 277kg Ch bull at 700, 272kg Ch hfr at 640, 193kg Ch hfr at 505. Garrison producer 354kg Ch hfr at 775,328kg Ch hfr at 715, 404kg Ch steer at 855, 292kg Sim hfr at 555, Tempo producer 318kg Lim hfr at 600, 339kg Lim hfr at 695, 411kg AA hfr at 745, Rosslea producer 341kg Ch steer at 750, 359kg Ch steer at 775, 371kg Ch steer at 740, Newtownbutler producer 298kg Ch hfr at 655, 282kg Ch hfr at 700, 298kg Ch hfr at 660, Lisnaskea producer 275kg Ch hfr at 655, 318kg Ch hfr at 720, 360kg Ch hfr at 880,364kg Ch steer at 820, 362kg Ch hfr at 760, Derrylin producer 393kg Ch steer at 850, 380kg Ch steer at 850, 343kg Lim hfr at 685, 288kg Lim steer at 690.

CALVES: Enniskillen producer Ch hfr at 325, Lisnaskea producer AA hfr at 300, Lisnaskea producer AA bull at 230, Belleek producer Ch hfr at 295, Belcoo producer Sim bull at 410, Coa producer Her hfr at 260, Trillick producer Lim hfr at 280, Ballinamallard producer at 250, Enniskillen producer BB hfr at 325, Bellanaleck producer Hol bull at 125.

SUCKLER COWS: Fintona producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1500, Fintona producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1490, Kinawley producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1260, Dromore producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1330, Enniskillen producer Sh cow with bull calf at 16080, Enniskillen producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1550, Garrison producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1480, Florencecourt producer Sim bull at 1320.

Heifers: Heifers sold to 207ppk for a 514kg Lim at 1065, light weights also to 207ppk for a 398kg Sim at 825, Enniskillen producer 520kg Sim at 995, Enniskillen producer 370kg Sim at 765, Enniskillen producer 462kg Ch at 810, Florencecourt producer 461kg Ch at 840, Bellanaleck producer 628kg Ch at 1115, Bellanaleck producer 482kg Ch at 960, Bellanaleck producer 440kg Lim at 740, Bellanaleck producer 430kg Ch at 815, Kesh producer 434kg Ch at 815, Kesh producer 404kg Ch at 755, Castlederg producer 514kg Lim at 1065, Castlederg producer 400kg Ch at 785, Derrygonnelly producer 542kg Ch at 1060, Derrygonnelly producer 480kg Ch at 920, Derrygonnelly producer 502kg Ch at 970, Springfield producer 582kg Ch at 1025, Lisnaskea producer 410kg AA at 680.

Fat cows: 586kg Lim at 895, 612kg BB at 845, 518kg BB at 680, 604kg Lim at 750, 646kg Ch at 785, 1000kg Ch bull at 1170, 748kg Ch at 920, 650kg Lim at 800, 758kg Lim at 970, 682kg Lim at 890, 668kg AA at 950, 620kg Lim at 800, 756kg Ch at 955, 644kg Lim at 825, 728kg Sim at 950, 804kg Lim bull at 980, 608kg Ch at 830, 700kg Lim at 880, 694kg Lim at 860, 758kg Ch at 995, 686kg Lim at 995, 758kg Lim at 1020, 542kg Lim at 850, 598kg Lim at 880, 550kg AA at 695, 638kg Fr at 600.