Gortavoy sponsors flock competition

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The 2017 Hampshire Down annual flock competition Ireland will soon be underway and the club would very much like to thank sponsors Gortavoy Farm Feeds of Pomeroy, Dungannon for their support in sponsoring this event.

The competition will be judged by the leading Dutch breeder of Hampshire’s Mr Harrie Roekevisch who will travel to see the many Irish flocks North and South of the border who are entered in the competition.

The Hampshire Down breed is very popular in Holland and Belgium with many sheep being exported to these countries from the province earlier this year.

Several of the Hampshire breeders in Northern Ireland are regular customers of Gortavoy who have worked with the group to formulate a feed mix which has delivered maximum ewe milk production and early lamb growth.

It is essential for ewes pre lambing to receive a very high energy mix to support maximum milk production.

Equally post lambing, as many Hampshire producers have an average lambing percentage of two, high quality high energy feed is essential to maximise lamb growth.

The result using the Gortavoy high energy ewe and lamb mix has been very pleasing with all the breeders involved reporting ewes very successfully rearing multiple lambs and very pleasing lamb growth rates. What has also been pleasing is that these results have been achieved at a reasonable cost which like any enterprise is vital to delivering an acceptable return.