Gortin Mart: Ewes and lambs sell to £218

Gortin Mart
Gortin Mart

A large entry of sheep sold to a steady trade.

Fat lambs sold to £100, fat ewes sold to £151 and ewes and lambs sold to £218.

FAT LAMBS: T Crawford £100/31kg, Adam McElmurray £99.50/26kg, John Young £98.50/25kg, John McSorley £97.50/26kg, Gaynor Hyndley £95/24kg, Reid Clarke £95/30kg, Graeme Lyons £94.50/27kg, Richard Mowbray £94.50/27kg, Gary Rankin £93.80/22kg, K and G Pinkerton £93.80/23kg, H Beattie £93/25kg, John McSorley £93/23kg, Wayne McElmurray £92.80/22kg, Joseph Kerlin £92.80/21kg, Peter Kelly £92.50/23kg, Robert Henry £92/23kg, W Lyttle £91.80/23kg, T Crawford £91.80/22kg, James Kenning £91.50/23kg, Ruairi Daly £91/22kg, James Tanney £91/24kg and S Whelan £91/23kg.

FAT EWE: Gary Rankin £151, John Young £126, £126, John McSorley £106, Gary Rankin £102, Richard Doherty £100, Ruairi Daly £99, Tommy Connolly £98, Richard Mowbray £98, Tommy Connolly £98, Kennedy Hunter £97, Reid Clarke £97, Adrian Cathers £95.50, George Neville £92, S Moore £91.50, J Watterson £91, John Lowe £90, Samuel Pauley £90, Stephen Watt £90, Gary Rankin £90, Alan Speer £89, John and G Blair £88, Ruairi Daly £86, Brian McCullagh £86, Peter Todd £85, A Liggett £85 and D and W Clarke £84.

EWES & LAMBS: Ryan Reid £218, George Neville £165, £18 and C McLaughlin £160, £120.