Gortin Mart: Sharper trade this week for sheep

Gortin Mart
Gortin Mart

A sharper trade this week.

Fat lambs sold to £82/25kg, store lambs sold to £68.50, fat ewes sold to £90 and breeding rams sold to 290 guineas on Monday.

Mark Armstrong £82/25kg, R Kelly £80/26kg, Robert Robinson £79/25kg, P Ewing £74.50/27kg, W McLaughlin £74.20/28kg, R Taylor £74/26kg, L Barnes £74/23kg, £74/24kg, £73.50/23kg, Jason McGowna £73/25kg, L Robinson £73/24kg, Aubrey McKelvey £73/23kg, L Mullin £73/23kg, W Fleming £71.50/23kg, Ian Hawkes £71.50/23kg, John McCrosson £71.50/22kg, Mary Patterson £70.50/24kg, William Patterson £70.50/22kg, Samuel Gilfillen £70.50/22kg, William Patterson £70.50/22kg, John McCrosson £70/22kg and S Golligher £70/20kg.


Padraig Kelly £68.50, William Elkin £66.20, Robert Robinson £65.20, P Ewing £65, Samuel McCullagh £65 and Peter Devine £64.50.


T Browne £90, Barry Latimer £9, John Keenan £90, Brendan Harper £81, Helen Campbell £80, Barry Latimer £73.50, Brendan Harper £72.50, W Moore £72, Eamon McGirr £71.50, Stephen Watt £71 and Samuel McCullagh £65.


Declan McGee 290 guineas, William Wilson 240 guineas, Mark Armstrong 130 guineas, 125 guineas and W Rafferty 130 guineas and 125 guineas.