Government urged to act on safety

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Farmers For Action UK NI co-ordinator William Taylor says Government and the EU needs to change their cop-out attitude to safety equipment.

He says it is the duty of government to do the right thing by the people that elect them.

He added: “In the case of farm safety and other sectors the least government and the EU could do is have the Health and Safety Executive create a safety product register.

“This would involve a historic listing of accidents connected to the original safety equipment fitted as a component or indeed the complete piece of safety equipment used that failed.

“This would give family farmers and manufacturers a bench mark to know what to buy or fit.

“The real question is why does government not legislate on eg PTO guards that have a 100% track record – like they did with car seat belts.

“Put this question to HSE UK and they will blame Europe but meanwhile people are getting maimed and killed needlessly with poor quality PTO guarding.”

To conclude, FFA would urge all family farmers to put safety first, think safe, act safe and stay safe!