Grafeeti - still re-writing the rules for commercial dairy cows

Grafeeti Small Dtr Kings-Ransom Grafti Dewars VG85
Grafeeti Small Dtr Kings-Ransom Grafti Dewars VG85

In the current market, a bull that is proven to deliver profit is worth their weight in gold and there is nothing more impressive to the modern dairy producer than a sire that continues to excel year after year.

One bull who is clearly making a name for himself is Ladys-Manor Grafeeti. A Freddie son, Grafeeti went straight into the Young Sire top 10 when he first arrived in the UK back in 2011. Today, he is proving to be a truly exceptional all-rounder who is light-years ahead of his counterparts for conformation.

His lineage is backed up by three straight Excellent dams an EX92 Goldwyn, EX90 Mandel Debut and an EX94 Rudolph. It is therefore, not surprising that this combination has provided Grafeeti with type, production and much valued management traits.

As well as his high type credentials, Grafeeti paints a masterpiece when it comes to fat (0.16%) and protein (0.03%). Highly profitable, he offers £459 PLI and a Fertility Index of +5.4, combine this with daughter health, fertility and milk quality and he enters a league of his own. Grafeeti daughters are expected to be farmer friendly, commercial cows that will suit all systems.

“With a sky-high Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI), exceptional daughter Fertility Index (FI) and outstanding Type Merit (TM), Grafeeti has done nothing but improve since the day he became part of the Cogent portfolio,” says Ashley Fleming, Cogent’s Northern Ireland Regional Sales Manager.

“He truly is a commercial farmer’s dream combining a thoroughly modern pedigree with cows of moderate stature. He has proven himself to be a profitable sire time and time again meaning farmers across Northern Ireland can use him with complete confidence.

“I am delighted to once again bring our customers such a diverse and well-balanced bull and I am certain that his daughters will deliver, drive profit and most importantly, stand the test of time.”