Grain Market Outlook Conference


AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds recently held its annual Grain Market Outlook Conference for 2015.

It was attended by over 150 delegates, many of whom were key decision-makers in the grains and oilseeds industry.

In the context of three consecutively large global grain harvests and two big grain crops on the trot for the UK, the four papers looked at what the future holds for agricultural commodity markets, including the impact of trade and politics.

Philip Dolbear, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Regional Manager, said: “My reflection on leaving the conference? There’s more price pressure ahead. There has never been a better time to benchmark your business, so I’d encourage arable farmers to get involved in a Monitor Farm or Arable Business Group.”

Jack Watts, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Lead Analyst gave the keynote presentation on the 2015/16 grains market.  He outlined the ‘ugly’ side of the commodity cycle and how a global abundance of grain has consolidated wheat prices onto a maize base.

Mr Watts added: “Arable businesses need to consider what their low price strategy is. The UK finds itself in an increasingly liberalised free global crop market. In this environment, a commercial, competitive approach is the only thing that can give sustainable long term resilience.”

The transformation in the vegetable oils market as a result of biofuels policy was the theme of LMC International speaker, Julian McGill’s 2015/16 oilseeds outlook.