Great demand for calves at Lisahally with male calves selling to £940

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Great demand on calves last Saturday, male calves up to £940 and heifers up to £1010.

MALE CALVES: William McConway £940/530kg, £900/390kg, Brian O’Kane £870/390kg, Kevin O’Kane £870/370kg, John McHugh £850/420kg, £825/450kg, W McConway £850/400kg, £810/370kg, John McWilliams £815/390kg, William Morrell £810/410kg, Kevin O’Kane £800/360kg, John Lynch £800/370kg, W McConway £800/360kg, £790/380kg, Brian O’Kane £790/340kg, John McWilliams £760/360kg, Thomas Irons £760/310kg.

FEMALE CALVES: Kevin O’Kane £1010/330kg, £900/330kg, Brian O’Kane £805/370kg, W Kennedy £800/360kg, Kevin O’Kane £750/320kg, Gerard Lynch £720/270kg, John Lynch £720/260kg, Thomas Irons £720/310kg, £715/290kg,£670/320kg, John Lynch £705/350kg, W Kennedy £700/310kg, £700/290kg, £700/310kg, £670/300kg, John McWilliams £695/290kg, Gerard Lynch £690/410kg, Edward Kearney £685/270kg, £650/370kg, Denis McCann £650/250kg, Samuel Millar £640/280kg, £620/210kg, £615/230kg,Brian O’Kane £600/250kg.

Cattle sold to a packed ringside on Wednesday as trade remains firm. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: William Barclay £1065/610kg, P Woods £1055/540kg, K Cunningham £1000/480kg, Kenneth Johnston £1000/550kg, £980/510kg, Brian Johnston £1000/540kg, £1000/540kg, £900/550kg, Joe Cunningham £990/510kg, Samuel Young £945/530kg, £930/490kg, £900/500kg, Wiliam Barclay £905/500kg, Norman Thompson £900/530kg, Mervyn McKinley £900/620kg, Kelly Farms £895/500kg, P Woods £890/500kg, £885/470kg, William Barclay £880/450kg, Joe Cunnigham £880/480kg, G Christie £880/460kg, K Cunningham £875/490kg, G Christie £875/490kg, £870/460kg, Samuel Young £875/490kg.

HEIFERS: Kelly Farms £1155/670kg, Robert Blackburn £1120/560kg, £1080/550kg, Patrick McNicholl £1060/570kg, G Christie £1055/520kg, Jamie Patrick £1010/480kg, Robert Blackburn £985/570kg, £980/590kg, Patrick O’Connor £965/560kg, G Christie £960/450kg, £930/520kg, Robert Hamilton £945/500kg, J C Maxwell £930/500kg, £870/510kg, £855/540kg, Patrick McNicholl £900/520kg, £900/470kg, £865/480kg, Kelly Farms £900/580kg, £885/570kg, G Christie £895/510kg, £865/510kg, £855/440kg, Mervyn McKinley £875/610kg, £860/550kg, K Cunningham £865/500kg, William McGaughey £840/510kg.