Great entry of calves at Draperstown

Another great sale on Tuesday at Draperstown with a great entry of calves sold to high demand. Prices as follows:

WEANLINGS MALE: Hugh O’Neill £875/440kg, Michael McCrory £850/370kg, £790/360kg, S & K Mullin £805/340kg, £800/370kg, G Bradley £800/360kg, Brendan McElhone £800/350kg, Hugh O’Hagan £785/330kg, £775/340kg, D & G McMaster £770/390kg,£765/370kg, Brendan Small £760/310kg,£720/330kg, Michael McCrory £760/310kg, £750/330kg, Hugh ONeill £740/430kg, G Bradley £735/390kg, Brendan McElhone £760/330kg, N Bradley £730/300kg, £725/320kg, £720/300kg,£685/320kg, Thomas Loughran £25/290kg, £715/300kg, Hugh O’Hagan £715/300kg, £700/330kg, £690/330kg,£680/280kg,£680/300kg, £675/270kg, Phelem Devlin £710/340kg, £700/310kg, G Bradley £700/300kg, £685/290kg, N Bradley £700/300kg, John Kenning £685/330kg, £670/310kg, John Duffy £665/280kg

WEANLINGS FEMALE: D & G McMaster £770/380kg, S Bradley £750/360kg, £700/320kg, Hugh O’Hagan £730/310kg, £700/320kg, David McGarvey £720/390kg, Joseph Conway £700/380kg, Brendan McElhone £700/330kg, Hugh ONeill £695/350kg, D & G McMaster £695/350kg, S Bradley £685/300kg, David McGarvey £680/330kg, Phelem Devlin £670/280kg, Brendan Small £665/290kg, £650/270kg, Hugh O’Hagan £660/340kg, £645/370kg, Michael McCrory £645/290kg,£640/280kg, £625/270kg, Edward Ferry £640/270kg, Cherith McCready £640/340kg, Phelim Devlin £625/300kg, Hugh O’Hagan £615/280kg, £605/280kg, £600/400kg, £600/380kg, Hugh O’Hagan £600/260kg, £600/290kg, £600/240kg