Great entry of cattle stock at Pomeroy

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Overall a great entry of stock sold to a demanding trade. Bullocks £995/530kg, heifers £920/520kg.


Francis McCullagh £995/530kg, Noel Thornton £850/400kg, Alan Boyd £825/400kg, £825/410KG, £815/440KG, £810/420KG, £800/390KG, £770/380KG, £720/300KG, £625/360kg, Decaln McGee £780/380kg, Derek Jefferson £750/330kg, Mary and Patrick Daly £730/290kg, £660/300kg, £650/270kg, P Thornton £705/310kg, Declan McGee £670/400kg, D Wallace £645/280kg, A McKenna £600/300kg, Ivan Eagleson £540/210kg.


Francis McCullagh £920/520kg, Daniel McDonald £780/620kg, £770/570kg, Derek Jefferson £730/360kg, £710/350kg, £700/390kg, Gareth Sheridan £730/350kg, Declan McGee £705/340kg, £660/380kg, D Wallace £690/320kg, Pam Thornton £650/360kg, £645/330kg, £600/320kg, Ivan Eagleson £620/320kg, Gareth Sheridan £610/320kg, D Wallace £590/310kg, Noel Thorntopn £585/330kg, Francis McDermott £580/280kg, D Wallace £560/250kg, £515/240kg, Ivan Eagleson £560/220kg, £505/200kg, £495/180kg, £510/200kg.