Great entry of stock sells to a strong demand at Lishally

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A great entry of stock sold to great demand on Wednesday. Bullocks £1135/660kg, heifers £935/610kg and weanlings up to £655.

BULLOCKS: Francis Matthews £1135/660kg, £1070/590kg, Noel Curly £1065/550kg,£990/580kg, James McGaughey £1025/590kg, £1020/560kg, Mervyn Whiteside £980/510kg, £925/530kg, £900/530kg, £880/520k g, £880/480kg, £850/490kg, £845/450kg, £815/440kg, £810/460KG, £810/460kg, £790/470kg, £570/440kg, Francis Matthews £835/580kg, £815/440kg, Noel Curly £800/480kg, John Griffith £795/410kg, £485/240kg, Robert Snodgrass £685/390kg, £610/380kg, John Doherty £470/250kg, £440/230kg, £420/220kg.

HEIFERS: John Beattie £935/610kg, £905/610kg, £895/580kg, £870/550kg, £830/550kg, David Beattie £900/580kg, £880/570kg, £880/580kg, £860/560kg, £850/540kg, £850/560kg, £850/540kg, £800/560kg, £780/530kg, James McCaughey £800/580kg, Norman McFarland £755/440kg, James Kelly £590/340kg, £550/310kg, £535/340kg, £505/310kg, £505/290kg, £475/300kg, £420/280kg, £400/300kg, £400/270kg,405/290kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: W Hamilton £655/310kg, £650/290kg, £600/260kg, £600/300kg, £595/285kg.