Great show of cattle at Lisahally

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Another great show of stock in Wednesday’s sale. Bullocks £1115/660kg, heifers £1025/650kg, suckler cows up to £1390 and fat cows £873.30/710kg.

BULLOCKS: Thomas Dooher £1115/660kg, £1080/620kg, £1080/630kg, R Killen £980/670kg, £955/630kg, £935/680kg, £935/680kg, £900/640kg, £850/650kg, £820/620kg, £810/600kg, £810/600kg, £800/600kg, £800/630kg, John McHugh £805/430kg, William Moore £770/440kg, £700/430kg, £700/460kg, £700/420kg, £65/380kg, £600/30kg, £595/320kg, John McHugh £500/320kg.

HEIFERS: Thomas Dooher £1025/650kg, Margaret Gordan £935/540kg, Callum Devine £930/680kg, £920/630kg, £865/650kg, £790/610kg, Margaret Gordan £795/490kg, £760/460kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Eric Christie £1390, £1320, £1250, £1220, £1200, £1180, £1150, £1090, £1080, £990.

FAT COWS: S Devine £873.30/710kg, £744/620kg, H Colhoun £589.60/600kg, Eric Christie £565.50/650kg, Gary Dickinson £518.40/540kg.