Great trade for cattle at Pomeroy

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A great trade throughout the sale on Thursday. Bullocks £890/420kg and Heifers £940/480kg. More cattle needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: R King £890/420kg, £870/420kg,Oliver Heagney £850/440kg, £800/400kg, Gerard Haughey £800/380kg, £770/310kg, Marcus Mullin £780/380kg, Kevin McCcullagh £760/350kg, Malachy Boyle £755/kg, Noel/Graham £740/390kg, James Tanney £730/370kg, G McDonald £720/370kg, £710/420kg, W Spence £720/350kg, Oliver Heagney £710/320kg, Gerard Heagney £705/300kg, £700/340kg, £695/280kg, James Tanney £700/390kg, Emmet Kelly £700/360kg, Malachy Boyle £700/360kg, Brendan Molloy £690/350kg, £680/320kg, Patrick Connolly £690/370kg, £650/320kg, £620/350kg, £600/310kg, Oliver Heagney £665/360kg, Marcus Mullin £660/320kg, Noel Graham £650/300kg, £645/340kg, Emmet Kelly £635/280kg, Damien Ferry £620/310kg, John Conway £605/320kg.

HEIFERS: Francis McCullagh £940/480kg, £930/510kg,£845/470kg Gareth Sherdian £910, Francis OHagan £900/490kg, £825/410kg, £740/410kg, WD Spence £800/420kg, G McDonald £700/420kg, Malachy Boyle £685/370kg, Noel Graham £665/300kg, Emmet Kelly £650/330kg, Noel Graham £645/290kg, S Quinn £630/500kg, Kevin McCullagh £625/290kg, Malachy Boyle £625/330kg, Kevin McCullagh £615/290kg, £600/310kg, Malachy Boyle £605/300kg, WD Spence £600/320kg, John Conway £600/320kg, Damien Ferry £560/280kg,